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There are many light-minded persons who have not felt much of the power of faith, who fall in this matter, stumbling upon it; and they trouble themselves at first with it, and by reason would satisfy themselves whether they are elected, so that they may be assured whereon they stand. But if you will be assured, you must reach it by the way which St. Peter here strikes out for you.

At the command MARCH, given as either foot strikes the ground, advance and plant the other foot; bring up the foot in rear and continue the cadence by alternately raising each foot about 2 inches and planting it on line with the other. Being at a halt, at the command MARCH, raise and plant the feet as described above. Halfstep, 2. Take steps of 15 inches in quick time, 18 inches in double time.

The naming of Peter Cooper thus strikes the keynote, or, more accurately, the triple chord, of his life. For he was first of all an American, keenly aware of the opportunities offered by the free institutions of his country to individual ambition, industry, and genius, and of his own personal ability to make use of these opportunities.

Thornton, with the same assumed solemnity, "it is not for me to say. You must make the proposition." "We cannot do any thing less than fly together." "I should think not" "But where?" "And not only where, but how? By rail, by steamboat, or by canal? A canal strikes me as the best mode of flight. It is secluded." "Free from observation," said Despard. "Quiet," rejoined Mrs. Thornton. "Poetic."

A swift movement the log comes down with a splash into the foam; the man bends over, straightens his body, and stands upright as before, then strikes an attitude, and sails on past the obstacle. "Well done well done!" "'Twas a marvel he cleared it." The log goes on its way, the man standing easily as ever. Then once more it collides.

Is the axe to question the hangman why he strikes this way and not that? But see how forbearing I am. I offer you a reward for performing what you owe me in virtue of your allegiance. DANIEL. But, when I swore allegiance to you, I at least hoped that I should be allowed to remain a Christian. FRANCIS. No contradiction! Look you! I give you the whole day to think about it! Ponder well on it.

In the matter of eloquence, the whole question is one of the immediate effect of greatness, such as is produced even by fine bombast. It is absurd to call it merely superficial; here there is no question of superficiality; we might as well call a stone that strikes us between the eyes merely superficial.

Death strikes and leaves us blind blind to some vital spring of love, could we but find it and touch it." Lewis was young. Just to hear the burden that had lain so long upon his father's heart was too much for him. Not for nothing had Leighton lived beside his boy. There, under the still trees, their souls reached out and touched. Lewis dropped his head and arms upon his father's knees and sobbed.

'Curious, mused the other dispassionately, as she stood with one foot on the fender. 'He hardly strikes one as that kind of man. 'Oh, he has certainly changed a great deal. Miss Barfoot went on to speak of her cousin's resolve to pursue no calling. 'His means are very modest.

It was about the year 1689 that they began to assume or to be characterized by a different designation we mean that of rapparees; so called, it is said, from the fact of their using the half pike or short rapier; although, for our part, we are inclined to think that they were so termed from the word rapio, to plunder, which strikes us as the most appropriate and obvious.