Nothing is said there about anybody having his sublunary prospects shut off; nothing about the Redskin becoming the victim of a sublime sensibility. In fifteen graphic words and in one sentence Little Sure Shot croaked him, and then with bated breath you moved on to the next paragraph, sure of finding in it yet more attractive casualties snappily narrated. No, sir!

Otherwise we would shoot up perpendicularly, instead of going up on a nearly even keel. Mr. Hastings, are you all ready at your post?" "Aye, aye, sir," came back the engineer officer's reply. "On post, Mr. Somers?" "Aye, aye, sir." Lieutenant Jack applied the wrench, calling snappily: "Watch me. I've no time to explain anything now." With that he applied one of the wrenches and gave it a turn.

He was chatty and agreeable at first and did not so much as mention the general election. After we passed Drogheda his manner changed. He became silent, and when I spoke to him answered snappily. His face got more and more flushed. At last he asked me to shut the window beside me, which I did, although I wanted to keep it open.

The bicycle officer, clinging half a minute to a hope made forlorn by his sheer human lack of endurance, drifted to rearward with the dust. Once more Garrison peered out behind. The big red demon, tearing down the road, was warming to its work. With cylinders heating, and her mixture therefore going snappily as a natural result, she too had taken on a slight accession of speed.

"If you want to," was the ungracious answer. "No, no," softly declared the oily rogue "if you want me to, madam. This is your business, Miss Talcott." "Oh," observed Andy's aunt snappily, "you're working for nothing, I suppose?" "I'm not," frankly answered Murdock. "I'm working for a fee. What I get, though, is so small compared with what you may get "

Danvers nodded, but the nod Cadet Corporal Brayton ignored by turning on his heel and stepping, with a magnificently military air and carriage, over to another luckless candidate. When ordered, the candidate fell in next to Mr. Danvers. Then the other anxious youngsters fell into line. "Candidates turn out promptly!" sounded snappily in another part of barracks.

"Oh but we'd send the money with the order. That's quite easy, isn't it?" "Perfectly easy," said Fritzing in an oddly exasperated voice; at once adding, still more snappily, "Might I request your Grand Ducal Highness to have the goodness not to put my Æschylus a most valuable edition head downwards on the shelf?

With half-shut eyes Hamed dwelt silently on the bliss of his faraway home, and woke snappily to the crude realities of his Christian environment. "Chrissmiss!" he sneered " nothing. Messin' abeaut! You want to see drunk man Chrissmiss, plenty! You want to see row, plenty Chrissmiss! You want lissen bad language, plenty Chrissmiss!

At his word they broke the runners out of the snow, barking excitedly, but for the time being they were only driven across the way to the post-office for the mail-bag. Sophy handed the pouch to him, her face none too agreeable. "Dat all vhat dere is for Toumichouan?" asked the man. "Yes, that's all," answered the girl, snappily.

She looked inquiringly at Bertha, who replied, "I s'pose you can, if you want to, but I should think you'd go home." "Don't go home," said Marjorie, cordially; "come along with us, and we'll all sell dolls together." "She can't sell our dolls," said Bertha, snappily, and this so irritated King that he couldn't help speaking out.