You'll learn faster that way, and you'll both be full-fledged showmen before you know it." "O Mr. Sparling," exclaimed Phil, after others had relieved them on the rope. "Yes? What is it?" "I have been wanting to see you, to ask what you wish us to do tonight where we are to travel?" "You may sleep in my wagon. I'll take a horse for tonight." "I could not think of doing such a thing. No, Mr.

After this the parade went on without further incident, though there could be no doubt that the exciting dash and rescue by one of their own boys had aroused the town to a high pitch of excitement. And the showmen smiled, for they knew what that meant. "Bet we'll have a turn-away this afternoon," announced a clown. "Looks that way," agreed another, "and all on account of the kid."

The fact that stage-performers of sleight-of-hand tricks can repeat the cabinet phenomena in every detail, and that the materialized spirit showmen have been caught in numerous instances in the very act of fraud, throws utter discredit on the business. No repetition by new mediums of other forms of the exposed tricks carries any weight.

Half a century ago the country was overrun by itinerant showmen, who went their different ways in summer, but formed little colonies in the cold weather, when they pitched their tents in any empty field or disused quarry and huddled together for the sake of warmth: not that they got much of it.

It was not difficult to divine that they were itinerant showmen exhibitors of the freaks of Punch for, perched cross-legged upon a tombstone behind them, was a figure of that hero himself, his nose and chin as hooked, and his face as beaming as usual; while scattered upon the ground, and jumbled together in a long box, were the other persons of the drama.

Be just & be Jenerus, espeshully to showmen, who hav allers bin aboozed sins the dase of Noah, who was the fust man to go into the Menagery bizniss, & ef the daily papers of his time air to be beleeved Noah's colleckshun of livin wild beests beet ennything ever seen sins, tho I make bold to dowt ef his snaiks was ahead of mine. Albert Edard, adoo!"

All that night the showmen worked, Phil not even taking the time to discard his gaudy ring clothes. The next morning both he and Teddy were sights to behold, but the show had been loaded, and the big top straightened out and put in shape so that it could be pitched when the next town was reached. At last the boys decided to hunt up their trunks. They found them, after a long search.

The part of the parade in which Phil was located was well up toward the elephants, the animals at that moment having turned a corner, moving at right angles to Phil's course. "It's the elephants!" cried the lad aghast. "What's happening?" "They have broken the line!" All was confusion at the point on which the two showmen had focused their eyes. "It's a stampede, I do believe!" exclaimed Phil.

The countryfolk of the surrounding district are delighted, and the showmen reap a goodly harvest of francs and centimes; but these fairs are tiresome and commonplace, much less amusing and lively than, for example, St. Giles's Fair at Oxford, though very nearly as noisy.

To go back a little I will say that this is a 'scout car' or what is known among showmen as 'the opposition car. It goes only where there is trouble, where there is opposition. For instance, more than half a dozen shows are coming into this territory, this season, and it is up to us to cover every available space with our paper before their cars get on the ground."