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Two days ago, his secrétaire d'ambassade called on me, with a letter from his minister to the ambassador, in which was the following paragraph, as he translated it to me; and I committed it to writing from his mouth. 'Your Excellency has communicated to us the substance of your conversation with the American minister.

A heavy buhl-work writing-table opposite the door was littered with maps, books and journals; there was a sécretaire book-case in Chippendale by the side of the enormous fire-place, in which a great coal fire burned; and above this was an ivory overmantel of exquisite work.

"Maister Knox, are ye not sorry from your heart, and do ye not repent that sic ane letter has passed your pen, and from you is come to the knowledge of others?" John Knox answered, "My Lord Secretaire, before I repent I must be taught my offence." "Offence!" said Lethington; "if there were no more but the convocation of the Queen's lieges the offence cannot be denied."

He dressed quickly, she being occupied meanwhile in completing the coquettish adornment of his room with knots of ribbon, bouquets of flowers, Japanese fans, pictures and bronzes which she arranged with unerring taste on the walls beside the mirror, over the doors and window, or strewed about the secretaire, the table, or the chest of drawers, in studied negligence.

I thought you would come sooner." Adèle thought: "What a state the house would have been in, if I had arrived an hour earlier." Mrs. Soher began to dust a secretaire, talking all the while to her niece.

He closed the trap and replaced the drawer. Then he sat down again, the taper at his elbow, Mistress Winthrop looking on, facing him across the top of the secretaire, and he took up the package. The ribbon came away easily, and some half-dozen sheets fell out and scattered upon the desk. They gave out a curious perfume, half of age, half of some essence with which years ago they had been imbued.

Then after locking up his former costume in a drawer of his secretaire, he sat himself down and wrote the following lines: DEAR MONSIEUR GEORGES, I advise you strongly, from information that has just reached me, to lose no time in pressing M. Savarin to repay the sum I recommended you to lend him, and for which you hold his bill due this day.

'Krahwinkel, says I, 'WHO LOOKS FOOLISH NOW? and from that day to this I was never at a Court-day asked to eat Sauerkraut NEVER!" "Hey there, La Rose! Bring me that diamond snuff-box in the drawer of my secretaire;" and the snuff-box was brought. "Look at it, my dear," said the Count, "for I saw you seemed to doubt. There is the button the very one that came off his Grace's coat." Mr.

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I docket it neatly at the secretaire, JONES, and I put it into pigeonhole J. It's the next thing to a receipt and is quite as satisfactory to ME. And I very much wish, Mortimer, sitting on his bed, with the air of a philosopher lecturing a disciple, 'that my example might induce YOU to cultivate habits of punctuality and method; and, by means of the moral influences with which I have surrounded you, to encourage the formation of the domestic virtues.