Occasionally some new scout, tempted by the pervading reputation and unique negligee of Uncle Jeb's young assistant, ventured to follow him and avail himself of the tips and woods lore with which the more experienced scout's conversation abounded when he was in a talking mood.

How proud Harry and I felt when the Scout's gig pulled up to the wreck, and we were summoned to show the way to the smugglers' cave. We jumped with alacrity into the gig, feeling as if we had the whole weight and responsibility on our shoulders of leading some important expedition.

I mentioned his bruises and the torrid sun-glare before us, but he cursed both with equal contempt; "No, but I must go back; I I've left a oh, I must go back to wet my whistle!" We had retraced our way but a few steps, when, looking behind me as a scout's habit is, I saw a horseman coming swiftly on the Union Church road. "Colonel," I said, "here comes Scott Gholson."

"Here's a big-looking fellow whose boots will just fit me," he said, stooping and seizing the scout's leg. "There's an officer behind him," said the villain in the priest's dress; "he will be more worth stripping." Nicholas pointed his revolver full in the man's face and fired, but his aim was unsteady. He had missed. Again he pulled the trigger, but it had been the last shot.

Our people are hungry, and we must kill many in order to feed them!" "Ugh, he is always right! Our dogs must help us here. The meat will be theirs as well as ours," another added. "Tosh, kola! The game scout's dog is the greatest Shunka of them all! He has a mind near like that of a man.

Therefore it was there. It had to be there! With the great blade of his Boy Scout's knife he began to disembowel the mattress. For a time he had worked furiously and effectively, but the position was awkward, the search laborious, and he was obliged to rest frequently.

He won't have time to be patrol leader. He goes to work for the Union grocery store next Monday." Don felt that everything had been turned upside down. So this was why the other boy had been so friendly! Of course, he could go home and let Tim think that the vote was his. But that would be cowardice. That would not be a scout's way of meeting the situation.

And the white men paused, thankful enough for the moment of relaxation, while Charley scouted for his bearings. But the pause was of the briefest. Charley was back almost before the tired muscles had relaxed. The briefest announcement in the scout's pigeon English and the journey was resumed. "Charley's eye all clear. We go?"

He saw that two men, fully armed, for Digatiski had secured ammunition for his own gun from the cartouch-box of the soldier, could force his withdrawal, bound as he was, farther and farther from the ensign and his party, whose attention had been temporarily diverted from the scout's delay in returning by signs of the enemy ambushed in another direction.

The young scout's heart was still sore for his friend, who now had little to say to any one except Peleg. Together the boys toiled in the field or hunted game in the forests; but Henry was never stationed as a guard. "It is this way, lad," said Boone, after he had heard the entire story. "Sam Oliver means right, but he has no understanding of the feelings of any one else.