"That they do, Davy, by the ton," he replied, "and so must we, as the rulers of a great province. For mark me, though the men are happy to-day, in four days they will be grumbling and trying to desert in dozens." We were interrupted by a knock at the door, and there stood Terence McCann. "His riverence!" he announced, and bowed low as the priest came into the room.

Pat Brady prudently thought that under all circumstances it would be safest for himself to remain where he was. The married pair, however, bent on peace if possible, and if not, on assuaging the horrors of war, had barely got into the road, when they encountered Father John returning to the wedding party. "Oh, and it's yer riverence is welcome agin this blessed evening.

"Well, Mary, you must be getting the rest of it from him another time." "Let her alone for that, yer riverence," said Corney Dolan who considered that Father John's allusion to his coat privileged him to put in his joke "let her alone for that; she knows how to be getting the halfpence, and to hoult them too." "It's a great deal you're knowing about it, I'm thinking, Mr.

"Your riverence must stay till I draw the tae and fry a bit o' the chicken," added Biddy, as the priest rose to take his leave. "No, thank you," he replied; "I must not sit down at ease. Small rest is there for me when the wolf is in the fold, and the flock is in danger." He took leave quite cordially, but when he was gone, Biddy turned, with a shadow on her round face, to speak to her daughter.

They walked with Him and they talked with Him. I didn’t use the usual Church language, but I used the language of God in Nature and the boys heard Him. Towards the end of the week one of those Munster boys came and touched me and said, “Your Riverence! Your Riverence!” he says. “You’re a gentleman.” I knew I had got that boy.

Thady, to hear his riverence going on the like of that," said the old woman, appealing to Macdermot; "and wasn't it himself sent the broth down in it to Widow Green the latter end of last winter, and didn't the foolish slip of a girl, her grand-dater, go to hait it over the hot coals for the ould woman, jist as it was, and in course the hait smashed the glass, and why wouldn't it, and the broth was all spilt?

The old gentleman immediately returned to the house, and entering by a back door, was snugly seated in his arm-chair, book in hand, when the two Hibernians were admitted. "Well, my boys, what is your business with me?" "We would be wanting a few praties, if your Riverence could spare them." "Aha! you are from Ireland, I perceive. Irishmen very fond of potatoes!

After a short interval she returned with the sum of money, and the ceremony was completed to the satisfaction of all. When the parting was taking place the newly-made wife seemed a tittle uneasy. "Anything on your mind, Catherine ?" said the father. "Well, your riverence, I would like to know if this marriage could not be spoiled now." "Certainly not, Catherine. No man can put you asunder."

It was not about the pigs then, nor nothing of the kind, but jist that I heard as how, but " and Denis began scratching his head "yer honer 'll be after twisting what I'll be tellin' yer, and poking your fun at me." "Not I, my boy; out with it. You know nothing goes farther with me." "Then it war just this, yer riverence, as makes me so hurried about getting the thing done.

"Not exactly. He says I spake better English, and that shure it is because I live where it is well spoken." "What did you say to that?" "I said. 'True, your riverence." "I'm afraid that is hardly the truth, Annorah. If anything has improved your language, it is your reading." "To be shure. But is it not because I am with those who spake English well, that I'm learning to read?