Jack, however, did not altogether share this view. It was about a week after this that, as Jack reached the Mansion Hotel one morning to receive the mail, he was approached by Mr. Argent, who had a number of red-sealed letters in his hand. "This time I'm really going to let you take them, Jack," he said. "My friend Wayde thinks it's all right to forward them to their destination now."

She heard the sound of Harry Cresswell's buggy, and a scurrying at the front door. On came the dressmaker's footsteps then her door was unceremoniously burst open. Helen Cresswell stood there radiant; the dressmaker, too, was wreathed in smiles. She carried a big red-sealed bundle. "Zora!" cried Helen in ecstasy. "It's come!" Zora regarded her coldly, and stood at bay.

While Jennie was out of the room a moment Jack opened one bundle of papers, folded the red-sealed letters up in one of the papers, put back the wrapper and tossed the package into the pouch he would carry over his saddle. "There!" he thought. "That doesn't look like anything of value. If I am held up, the thieves will throw away the newspapers anyhow, and I can get them later.

"Of course, Hade can foreclose his mortgage on your half- brother's property and call in Standish's notes, if he's in a position to do it, which I don't think he will be. But, as for the raised check, why, he's threatening Standish with an empty gun. Hade, if ever you get home again, look in the compartment of your strongbox where you put the red-sealed envelope with Standish's check in it.

The transparent delicacy of her complexion was accentuated by her gown, which was of black, unrelieved save by a little line of white at the throat. In her lap lay two or three envelopes, an open telegram, and some legal-looking, red-sealed papers. Ivan gazed at the picture she made without speaking: his heart trembling in his throat.

When, some ten minutes subsequently, Richard entered the low-studded square room, darkened with faded moreen curtains and filled with a stale odor of law-calf, Mr. Perkins was seated at his desk and engaged in transferring certain imposing red-sealed documents to a green baize satchel which he held between his knees.

'Silk and sacking, that is what we are, she was informed, to which she would reply obstinately, 'Well, then, I prefer sacking. 'But if he had been your son? 'But he is not. 'You wish he were? 'I dinna deny but what I could have found room for him. That was when some podgy red-sealed blue-crossed letter arrived from Vailima, inviting me to journey thither.

He had come in for the doctor's mail, and was lounging with one great red-sealed missive and a religious newspaper in his hand. "No," said Ozias Lamb, "I shouldn't never expect the doctor to make a present to anybody but himself or the Lord or the meetin'-house." A general chuckle ran over the group at that.

The heating was repeated; but "Black Susy" was not to be brought to life again. When, towards Christmas, Lob Levy came to the farm to fetch the rest of the grain, Myerhofer thrashed him with the handle of his own whip. The Jew screamed "Murder!" and drove away hastily. But soon a lawyer's messenger with a big red-sealed letter appeared.