Every wheel that approached made her heart leap; its dull rumbling into the distance sickened her with disappointment. But most likely he would walk to the house, and then she would not know till the servant came up to tell her. Why had she not thought to get a railway-guide, that she might know all the trains from Eastbourne? She could not now go out to purchase one; he would come in her absence.

We'll drive somewhere this afternoon, anyhow." "See what the doctor says. Look here, Bertie, here's a letter marked private, so I didn't go on." "Where did you find that? I never saw it." As he read, his brow grew dark, and he pondered several minutes; while Cecil, devoured with curiosity, and half-apprehensive of evil, remained silent. "Will you get me a railway-guide, Cecil?

Malling looked down at the rector. "You see!" Mr. Harding said slowly. "What do you mean to do?" Mr. Harding got up from his chair with an effort like that of a weary man. "I wonder where the railway-guide is?" he said. "Excuse me for a moment, Mr. Malling." He went away into the drawing-room, and returned with the railway-guide open in his hand.

Troy consulted his railway-guide, ordered his cab, and caught the next train to South Mord en. Only the slow trains stopped at the station and there was so little to do that the station-master and his porter grew flowers on the embankment, and trained creepers over the waiting-room window.

For a minute or two, the message was meaningless. He stood reading and re-reading the figures which indicated hour of despatch and of delivery. Presently he asked for a railway-guide, and with shaking hands, with agony of mental confusion, sought out the next train northwards. There was just time to catch it; not time to pack his bag. He rushed out to the cab. "The circumstances are these.

Similar sounds were actually heard in the old castle up in the Highlands! His thoughts were wholly absorbed in that one extraordinary fact. He went to the smoking-room of the hotel, and, obtaining a railway-guide, searched it in vain. Then, ordering from a waiter a map of England, he eagerly searched Northamptonshire and discovered the whereabouts of Woodnewton.

For nearly an hour, till the supper-bell rang, she stood there, with her foot on the fender, chattering in a somewhat sharp, shrill way. Not one word would she say, or let him say, of London or the doctor's visit. After supper, as they went back into the study, David looked for the railway-guide. 'The 10. 15 will do, he said. 'Mildmay has made the appointment for three.

You see, by that time I was doing a great deal more than accompany him on horseback in the morning and play chess in the evening, which was mainly what he had required. I was attending to his houses, his farm in Ohio, his shooting in Maine, his horses, his cars, and his yacht. I had become a walking railway-guide and an expert cigar-buyer. I was always learning something.

He replied with a nod, and fell patiently to work on the dissection of his bony delicacy. In five minutes Henry approached the table with a furtive glance at his elder brother. But Richard had no remark to make. The meal proceeded in silence. When Richard had finished, he rose and said to his mother 'Have you that railway-guide I brought home a week ago? 'I believe I have somewhere.

At mid-day Thyrza took up the railway-guide which she had procured and sought for something in its pages. Then she began to attire herself for going out. She looked into her purse. In a few minutes she went quietly down the stairs, as if for an ordinary walk, and left the house. On the Friday when Thyrza, in her happiness, had said 'Tomorrow he comes, Mrs.