But, for your further enlightenment, let us pretend that Sextus Tarquinius, coming to Delphi to consult the Oracle of Apollo, receives the answer: Exul inopsque cades irata pulsus ab urbe. A beggared outcast of the city's rage, Beside a foreign shore cut short thy age. The young man will complain: I have brought you a royal gift, O Apollo, and you proclaim for me a lot so unhappy?

Alvus plerumque stipata: excretio intestinalis minima, ratione ingestorum habita. Pulsus frequens, vacillans, exilis, quandoquidem etiam intermittens. Febre una extincta, non deficit altera. Aliaque et eadem statim nascitur.

* D'Ewes, p. 444. Si rixa est, ubi tu pulsus, ego vapulo tantum. Juv. * See note EE, at the end of the volume. See the statutes under the head of Purveyance. In so great awe did the commons stand of every courtier, as well as of the crown, that they durst use no freedom of speech which they thought would give the least offence to any of them. * D'Ewes, p. 432, 433.

The onset of dyspnea, with a rapid pulse, should lead one to suspect pulsus alternans when such a condition occurs in a person over 50 with cardiovascular-renal disease, arid with signs of decompensation, and also when such a condition occurs with a patient who has a history of angina pectoris.

Verum ante lapsum suum studia tractabat honestissima, vt post Gennadium, Bedam, et Honorium alij ferunt authores, composuitque multos libros ad Christianam vtilitatem. At postquam est Hereticus publicatus, multo plures edidit haeresi succurrentes, et ex diametro cum vera pietate pugnantes, vnde erat a suis Britannis in exilium pulsus, vt in Epistola ad Martinum 5. Valdenus habet.

Other terms applied to the condition have been "ventricular rhythm," "nodal rhythm" and "rhythm of auricular paralysis." The condition of the pulse has been Latinized as pulsus irregularis perpetuus.

The words ego and modo, which from their frequent use are often shortened in the comedians, are generally long in Ennius; Lucretius uses them as common, but retains homo, which after him does not appear. Pulsus ego? aut; Graius homo, infectos. A line by Maecenas, quoted in Suetonius, has diligo. In Statius no new licenses appear. Juvenal gives also sumito, octo, ergo.

"Oh! oh!" he murmured at length, "this is serious indeed." "Is it not?" said the king, uneasily. "Pulsus creber, anhelans, crepitans, irregularis," continued the leech. "Pasque-Dieu!" "This may carry off its man in less than three days." "Our Lady!" exclaimed the king. "And the remedy, gossip?" "I am meditating upon that, sire."

Pulsus alternans, except when it is very temporary, Gordinier finds to be of grave import, as it shows myocardial degeneration, and most patients will die from cardiac insufficiency in less than three years from the onset of the disturbance.

White found that about half of his cases of pulsus alternans showed an increased blood pressure of 160 mm. or more; 62 percent. were in patients over 50 years of age, and 69 percent. were in men. Necropsics on patients who died of this condition showed coronary sclerosis and arteriosclerotic kidneys.