Praps you will say that these ladies were, for such rich pipple, mightaly esaly captivated; but recklect, my dear sir, that they were fresh from Injar, that they'd not sean many lords, that they adoared the peeridge, as every honest woman does in England who has proper feelinx, and has read the fashnabble novvles, and that here at Paris was their fust step into fashnabble sosiaty.

O'Farrell employs my services: so the pipple have not to pay anything. All the time which I am not at the Certina factory, I am here." "Just so. And no other doctor gets in?" "There is no call. They are quite satisfied." "And is the Board of Health satisfied?" The employee shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands. "How is it you Americans say? 'What he does not know cannot hurt somebody."

When high words begin in a family drink generally follows on the genlman's side; and then, fearwell to all conjubial happyniss! These two pipple, so fond and loving, were now sirly, silent, and full of il wil. Master went out earlier, and came home later; missis cried more, and looked even paler than before.

"No, no, Shoni," said the girl, "you are kind, indeed, and I will never forget your kindness; but I will go to Nance, on the island; she will take me in, I know." "Will she?" said Shoni. "Then you could not go to a better place. 'Tis such lonesome place, the pipple will forget you there." "Oh, I hope so," said Valmai; "that is all I desire." "The tide will be down.

Pipple, when their mothers reckonise them, don't howl about the suckumambient air, and paws to think of the happy leaves a-rustling leastways, one mistrusts them if they do...Look at the neat grammaticle twist of Lady Arundel's spitch too, who in the cors of three lines has made her son a prince, a lion with a sword and coronal, and a star. Wy gauble, and sheak up metafers in this way, bar'net?

"Knit hands and beat the ground In a light, fantastic round," would have shamed the skilled volubility of Sheharazade. "Look!" said the story-teller, summing up; "you take hanny 'istory of France an' see the hage of my familie. Pipple talk about de Boulignys, de Sauvés, de Grandprès, de Lemoynes, de St. Maxents, bla-a-a! De Grandissimes is as hole as de dev'! What?

While my master was hectoring in the parlor, at Balong, pretious airs I gave myself in the kitching, I can tell you; and the consequints was, that we were better served, and moar liked, than many pipple with twice our merit.

"Zose pipple," she added, "zose lucky pipple who have all zere old pipple wiz zem, they can not know how hard is eet to be a mozzer, wizout a one grand'mère, or oncle."

Or, stop here I will give you four hundred pounds your own note of hand, sir, for that sum, if you will consent to forget all that has passed between us, and that you have never known Mr. Algernon Deuceace." I've seen pipple angery before now, but never any like Blewitt. He stormed, groaned, belloed, swoar! At last, he fairly began blubbring; now cussing and nashing his teeth, now praying dear Mr.

In this book you become so intmate with the Prince of Wales, that you may follow him, if you please, to his marridge-bed: or, if you prefer the Princiss Charlotte, you may have with her an hour's tator-tator.* * Our estimable correspondent means, we presume, tete-a-tete. How, indeed, can these common magaseen and newspaper pipple know anythink of fashnabble life, let alone ryal?