You reckonise Boadishia, Colonel, with the Roman elmet, cuirass, and javeling of the period all studied from the hantique, sir, the glorious hantique. "'All but Boadicea, says father.

"You be damned for your theory of irregular verbs!" is nothing to it. And he uttered his croak of mirth, whilst Peak, with distorted features, laughed in rage and scorn. 'Thet you, Godwin? Thoughts I, it must be 'im! 'Ow goes it, my bo-oy? You 'ardly reckonise me, I dessay, and I couldn't be sure as it was you till I'd 'ed a good squint at yer.

"I gev Frederick two and six for fetchin the cabb been resolved to hact the gentleman in hall things. How he stared!" "25th. I am now director of forty-seven hadvantageous lines, and have past hall day in the Citty. Although I've hate or nine new soots of close, and Mr. Cullin fits me heligant, yet I fansy they hall reckonise me.

There's education for you. I say, out with the Germans!" Rullock, the cultured man, was hurt when he heard education mentioned lightly. He said, "Excuse me, friend Bowler, but I think we must reckonise the claims of edgication. We all know you; we all respect you, and we know you'll cut up well at the finish; but I must disagree with you on that one subject.

Pipple, when their mothers reckonise them, don't howl about the suckumambient air, and paws to think of the happy leaves a-rustling leastways, one mistrusts them if they do...Look at the neat grammaticle twist of Lady Arundel's spitch too, who in the cors of three lines has made her son a prince, a lion with a sword and coronal, and a star. Wy gauble, and sheak up metafers in this way, bar'net?