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As the Kaffirs, or pagan Africans, are not restricted in the number of their wives, every one marries as many as he can conveniently maintain; and it frequently happens that the ladies disagree among themselves, their quarrels sometimes reaching to such a height that the authority of the husband can no longer preserve peace in his household, in such cases the interposition of Mumbo Jumbo is called in and is always decisive.

The reason why any two people disagree as to any truth is because their minds have no common ground upon which to meet. Either the minds do not possess all the facts, have not reasoned in accordance with the facts so as to reach a sound conclusion, or, having the facts and having reached the conclusion, they are actuated by different motives.

Does the morality consist in the relation of its parts to each other? How? After what manner? Specify the relation: be more particular and explicit in your propositions, and you will easily see their falsehood. No, say you, the morality consists in the relation of actions to the rule of right; and they are denominated good or ill, according as they agree or disagree with it.

"I must disagree with you there Jehu," he said, evidentially regaining his confidence and sense of moral footing, "For even in your own time the womenfolk all wore masks and face coverings." I was taken aback and cried, "Most certainly they did not, your history books may say so, but I, dear sir, was alive and would know best!"

He was surprised to see the sudden expression of womanly sorrow that came over her face, giving her eyes new depth and light. She answered him sadly, looking past him into the sunny distance 'No, nor like to be. 'I must disagree with you there. If you are not married yet, I am sure you will be very soon. I never saw a more likely lassie than yourself.

We are only to infer that he deals with the gospels arbitrarily; accepting them, or rejecting them, as they accord or disagree with his preconceptions. Indeed, this is what "essential Christianity" must always be. What each picker and chooser likes is "essential." What he does not like is unessential, if not a positive misrepresentation. Short and easy is Mr.

Alas, when clocks disagree what hope is there for less methodical mechanisms, particularly such humpty-dumpty mechanisms as tick away inside the owners of clocks? The newspaper man must sigh. These clocks in the windows of the empty stores along Sheffield Avenue seem to be arguing. They present their arguments calmly, like meticulous professors. They say: "Eight minutes of two.

Twice, if I remember right, you told me of some proceeding of yours, and asked me for my opinion. Well, I gave it, and it didn't happen to be yours. But that isn't preaching." "You gave so many reasons it was preaching." "Great Scott! wasn't it more polite to give one's reasons?" "Perhaps. But one shouldn't burst with them. One should be sorry to disagree." "Hm.

"We will not prosecute a topic on which we may probably differ," said the Queen. "One word, however, I may say in private you know our good Lady Suffolk is a little deaf the Duke of Argyle, when disposed to renew his acquaintance with his master and mistress, will hardly find many topics on which we should disagree."

"In our rejoicing let us place the emphasis rather upon the services of the many to each, than upon the services of any one of the many." I have not quoted from this letter because I disagree with the idea in it. I am ready to admit that though the idea is a somewhat dampening one perhaps for a banquet, that it is true and important. What I object to in the letter is the Fear in it.