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He ran to the fence when the second accosted him, tore off a picket, and flung it after the fleeing man. Then he sat down and pondered more deeply still. He cast occasional glances toward the house, and once or twice arose as though to come in. But he sat down and continued to gaze in the direction of Pharlina Pike's house.

If you're ashamed to have it knowed that you're engaged to Pharlina Pike, then it's time she heard so. I'd jest as soon tell her as not." "I started to say to you," raged Ward, "that you'd stuck your finger into my pie altogether too deep. I ain't killed as many sailors as you're braggin' on, but there ain't no man ever licked Gid Ward, and "

The man shuffled on. "Why don't you print it on a play-card that I'm engaged to Pharlina Pike and hang it on the fence there?" the Colonel snorted, wrathfully, whirling on the Cap'n. "Didn't it ever occur to you that some things in this world ain't none of your business?" The Cap'n sighed with the resigned air that he had been displaying during the week past.

"Why why," she stammered, "he's been in well, sometimes now I think perhaps it ain't love, knowin' what I do now but he's been engaged to Pharlina Pike goin' on fifteen years. And he's been showin' her attentions longer'n that. But since I've met you and found out how folks don't usually wait so long if they they're in love well, I've " "Fifteen years!" he snorted.

Has two-hundred-and-thirty-acre farm in good state of cultivation, well stocked, and will promise right party a home and much affection. Apply on premises to Pharlina Pike, Smyrna." "I never I never dadrat the liar that ever wrote that!" screamed the spinster. "You see for yourself," said the man of the swollen nose, ignoring her disclaimer.

"I cal'late as how there's another party that wants his bearin's," suggested Sproul. A rather decayed-looking gentleman, wearing a frock-coat shiny at the elbows, and a fuzzy plug-hat, was tapping his cane against one of the pickets to attract attention. "I am looking for the residence of Miss Pharlina Pike," he announced, with a precise puckering of his lips.

It was late in the afternoon when a woman came hurrying down the slope through the maple-sugar grove. The Cap'n, at his curtain with his keen sea eye, saw her first. He had been expecting her arrival. He knew her in the distance for Pharlina Pike, and realized that she had come hot-foot across lots. Sproul was under the big maple as soon as she.

"But Gideon has been so busy and away from home so much in the woods, and Pharlina ain't been in no great pucker, seein' that the farm was gettin' on well, and " "There ain't no excuse for him," broke in the Cap'n, with vigor. He was greatly interested in this new discovery. His eyes gleamed. "'Tain't usin' her right. She can't step up to him and set the day. 'Tain't woman's sp'ere, that ain't.

I cal'late ye see now, brother-in-law, that you ain't the only man that appreciates what a good woman Miss Pharlina Pike is." "You come along, Pharline," said the Colonel, taking her arm, after he had bored the Cap'n for a moment with flaming eye.