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With the cessation of the footfalls, another sound smote upon their ears. "O, what's that?" cried Julia. "I can't think," said Gideon. The Squirradical had his stick presented like a sword. "Gid," he began, "Gid, I " "O Mr. Forsyth!" cried the girl. "O don't go forward, you don't know what it might be it might be something perfectly horrid."

Last thing I know of was fussin' with Gid Himes and Shade Buckheath about my silver ore. By Joe! I bet they got that stuff when I was took Johnnie, was I took sudden?" He seated himself on the lush, ancient, deep-rooted dooryard grass where, a half-hour gone, he had knelt, a harmless lunatic, playing mumblety peg. Half reluctantly Johnnie sank down beside him.

I desire to say to you, sir, that I am here on the best of authority" he tapped his breast pocket "and here I shall remain until I have discussed the main question thoroughly with the estimable woman who has invited me here." "It's a lie I never invited him, Colonel Gid!" cried the spinster.

'Poor boy, he is in dreadful straits. 'What's this, Gid? enquired the uncle. 'Have you been fighting? or is it a bill? These, in the opinion of the Squirradical, were the two misfortunes incident to gentlemen; and indeed both were culled from his own career. Mr Holtum, the Conservative candidate, who lay so long on the bed of sickness, was prepared to swear to Mr Bloomfield.

General Pillow was sitting on his horse near by, and occasionally urging on the men the necessity of pressing on with the work; when an old Mexican war veteran, named W.H. Thomas, who was allowed some little latitude by his general called out, "Old Gid, if you think there is so much hurry for this work, suppose you get down and help us a while."

"You see I thought it better that even you should be ignorant of my address; those rascals, the Finsburys, would have wormed it out of you. And just to put them off the scent I hoisted these abominable colours. But that is not all, Gid; you promised me to work, and here I find you playing the fool at Padwick." "Please, Mr. Bloomfield, you must not be hard on Mr. Forsyth," said Julia.

He appeared to have lost flesh, and his skin was yellow with worry and with want of sleep. The Major came forward and they met and shook hands under a tree. From an upper window Mrs. Cranceford looked upon them. "Gid, I didn't know what had become of you. I heard of you after you had received for your cotton more than the market price, and " "It was a fine shipment, John. Have you a rope handy?

"Who're you a-calling names, you bow-legged little shrimp?" shouted Gid, slapping Harry across the face with a piece of fat pork. An angry mix-up, school boy rules, followed, to the great detriment of the rations. Si and Shorty rushed up, separated the combatants, and administered shakes, cuffs, and sharp reprimands.

The eager boys had already begun firing, entering into the spirit of the thing with the zest of a Fame of town-ball. Shorty took Gid Mackall and Harry Joslyn down to the cover of some large stones, behind which they could lie and command the approach to the other end of the bridge with their rifles.

He almost carried him in to the mill, handling him as tenderly as if a child, fixed a comfortable place for him on the floor with his own blankets, and took the last grains of his coffee to make him a cup. This done, he said: "I'm goin' out into the country to try and find some chickens to make some broth for you men. Come along, Harry Joslyn, Gid Mackall and little Pete."