In spite of my aversion for Arkady Pavlitch, I once happened to pass a night in his house. The next day I ordered my carriage to be ready early in the morning, but he would not let me start without a regular breakfast in the English style, and conducted me into his study. With our tea they served us cutlets, boiled eggs, butter, honey, cheese, and so on.

The footman stood stock-still in confusion, and turned white. 'Didn't I ask you a question, my friend? Arkady Pavlitch resumed tranquilly, never taking his eyes off the man. The luckless footman fidgeted in his place, twisted the napkin, and uttered not a word. Arkady Pavlitch dropped his head and looked up at him thoughtfully from under his eyelids.

I should be ashamed to suggest your putting up for the night in my agent's cottage, but you're not particular, I know, and at Ryabovo you'd have slept in some hayloft.... We will go, we will go! And Arkady Pavlitch hummed some French song. 'You don't know, I dare say, he pursued, swaying from side to side; 'I've some peasants there who pay rent. It's the custom of the place what was I to do?

Pigasov smiled ironically. A footman came in and announced the arrival of Alexandra Pavlovna and her brother. Darya Mihailovna rose to meet her guests. 'How do you do, Alexandrine? she began, going up to her, 'how good of you to come!... How are you, Sergei Pavlitch? Volintsev shook hands with Darya Mihailovna and went up to Natalya Alexyevna.

Arkady Pavlitch, before falling asleep, talked a little more about the first-rate qualities of the Russian peasant, and at that point made the observation that since Sofron had had the management of the place, the Shipilovka peasants had never been one farthing in arrears.... The watchman struck his board; a baby, who apparently had not yet had time to be imbued with a sentiment of dutiful self-abnegation, began crying somewhere in the cottage ... we fell asleep.

The bailiff first jumped nimbly off his horse, bowed to his master till he was bent double, and said: 'Good health to you, Arkady Pavlitch, sir! then raised his head, shook himself, and announced that Sofron had gone to Perov, but they had sent after him. 'Well, come along after us, said Arkady Pavlitch.

Sergei Pavlitch, tell me yourself, is it? Volintsev folded his arms on his chest, as though he were trying to hold himself in. 'Sergei Pavlitch! Rudin continued, 'I have given you pain, I feel it but understand us understand that we had no other means of proving our respect to you, of proving that we know how to value your honour and uprightness.

Two footmen in clean white gloves swiftly and silently anticipated our faintest desires. We sat on a Persian divan. Arkady Pavlitch was arrayed in loose silk trousers, a black velvet smoking jacket, a red fez with a blue tassel, and yellow Chinese slippers without heels.

Arkady Pavlitch liked, as he expressed it, to be comfortable when he had the chance, and he took with him such a supply of linen, dainties, wearing apparel, perfumes, pillows, and dressing- cases of all sorts, that a careful and self-denying German would have found enough to last him for a year.

Sofron heard his master's remarks out with attention, sometimes replied, but did not now address Arkady Pavlitch as his father, or his benefactor, and kept insisting that there was too little land; that it would be a good thing to buy more. 'Well, buy some then, said Arkady Pavlitch; 'I've no objection; in my name, of course. To this Sofron made no reply; he merely stroked his beard.