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Pierre had a sweet voice, of a peculiarly penetrating quality; still it was low and well-modulated, like the colour in his cheeks, which gave him his name. These were the words he was singing as Sergeant Tom rode towards the tavern: "The hot blood leaps in his quivering breast Voila! 'Tis his enemies near! There's a chasm deep on the mountain crest Oh, the sweet Saint Gabrielle hear!

The entry was fixed for the 15th of December. On the 8th of December at Cherbourg the body was transferred from the "Belle Poule" frigate to the "Normandie" steamer. On which occasion the mayor of Cherbourg deposited, in the name of his town, a gold laurel branch upon the coffin which was saluted by the forts and dykes of the place with ONE THOUSAND GUNS! There was a treat for the inhabitants.

It is a fact that children of a peculiarly sensitive or psychic temperament seem to have strange ideas regarding the name by which they are called, and not infrequently become confused and filled with an inexplicable wonderment at the sound of their own name. This phenomenon is much less rare than is generally known.

That evening at the hour of 23 I set up my aerial isochronophone and reported to his gracious Majesty the Ahkoond as follows: This satire was published in the San Francisco Examiner many years before the invention of wireless telegraphy; so I retain my own name for the instrument. "Sire: I have the honor to report that I have made a startling discovery.

She felt that the mere sight of his handwriting on an envelope addressed to herself would transport her back to that hour in Dolores, and if she could correspond with him life would no longer be unendurable. But although he had casually alluded to his club in New York she could not recall the name, if he had mentioned it.

Julia was the name Emeline had chosen for a girl, and Julia was the name duly given her by the radiant and ecstatic George in the very first hour of her life.

There isn't a play going on at this moment that isn't full of faults faults of the most blatant kind mistakes that I myself would never have made. To begin with, for instance, take Shakespeare. 'Shakespeare? 'Yes. A play like The Merchant of Venice, for example. My dear girl, it's only the glamour of the name, believe me!

The ruffian, on being first apprehended, denied his name; but, finding this not avail him, he violently assaulted the officers in the execution of their duty, and, being a powerful man, it was not until those very deserving men had suffered severely in their persons, and obtained the aid of the bystanders, that he was finally secured.

"It's granted name it." "That you be nice to him who sits beside you at supper, to-night." She looked at me a moment masks are very annoying when one wants to see the face. "That will be an easy penance," she said and I understood she had been told who that man was to be. I bent toward her. "Let him know it, then," I said earnestly. "Your Highness likes him?" she asked.

"We'll call it Hippity-Hop," decided Captain Smith, and as neither the kitten nor Jan suggested a better name, that settled it. Hippity-Hop was really quite a nice little kitten, even if she did not have as many legs as most cats have.