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He takes a tremendous interest in both your brother and you; he knows the place your brother passed into Sandhurst and where he was in the list when he went out, and last summer he watched for your name in The Sportsman, and when you got any wickets he was as pleased as Punch. He writes to Colonel Marten still."

Bostil enjoyed this hugely until he caught the strange intensity of regard in the cavernous eyes of Cordts. That gave him a shock. Cordts had long wanted this girl as much probably as he wanted Sage King. There were dark and terrible stories that stained the name of Cordts. Bostil regretted his impulse in granting the horse-thief permission to attend the races.

A boat then put off with a young man in uniform and six rowers on board. "Pinnace ahoy!" cried the officer through a speaking trumpet, "who are you?" "Shipwrecked mariners," cried Fritz, in reply. "What is the name of your craft?" "The Mary." "What country?" "Switzerland." "I was not aware that Switzerland was a naval power," observed Willis.

Lenten food for the pious bishop's table to furnish, By my Creator I'm poured over the famishing land. Pray be silent, ye rivers! One sees ye have no more discretion Than, in a case we could name, Diderot's favorites had. Wheresoever thou wanderest in space, thy Zenith and Nadir Unto the heavens knit thee, unto the axis of earth.

I'll be fifty in three years. Sixty in thirteen years. I'm going to have some fun before it's too late. I don't care! I will!" He thought of Ida Putiak, of Louetta Swanson, of that nice widow what was her name? Tanis Judique? the one for whom he'd found the flat. He was enmeshed in imaginary conversations. Then: "Gee, I can't seem to get away from thinking about folks!"

The lips that under the thrusts of Russian lances, and through all subsequent tortures, had guarded so jealously the secret of his agony, could not repress a groan as they syllabled the name of Cecil Tresilyan. It was so.

A crime is, in the first instance, a defect of reasoning powers. While the Baroness had been ill, this quarter, to which she was a minor Providence, had seen the advent of a public writer who settled in the Passage du Soleil Sun Alley a spot of which the name is one of the antitheses dear to the Parisian, for the passage is especially dark.

He is Odoacer, the giant Herule, Houd-y-wacker, as some say his name really is, a soubriquet perhaps from his war-cry, 'Hold ye stoutly, 'Stand you steady. His father was AEdecon, Attila's secretary, chief of the little Turkling tribe, who, though Teutonic, had clung faithfully to Attila's sons, and after the battle of Netad, came to ruin. There are strange stories of Odoacer.

Eveline accordingly caused her women and the monk to retire into the anteroom, while she herself remained standing by the door- communication which connected the apartments, and heard Damian mention her name as he turned himself painfully on his couch.

Would you ask yonder oak for a name, or trouble the wind with like foolish questions? No; it is enough that a tree is strong and fine to look upon and that a wind has healing in its wings." With her head to one side and an arresting gesture, and throwing into her voice all its charm and a new compelling innocence and sweetness, she continued: "But you would have a name?