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But Jesus's manner throughout is that of an aristocrat, or at the very least the son of a rich bourgeois, and by no means a lowly-minded one at that. We must be careful therefore to conceive Joseph, not as a modern proletarian carpenter working for weekly wages, but as a master craftsman of royal descent.

The result of such restriction of public speech, and stimulation of private deed, will be a sincere, lowly-minded religion, so inwoven with the truest activities as to be inseparable from them. Such a religion knows no reaction. Now is supremely the time for a study of the Bible. In teaching it at home, a few simple rules need to be borne in mind.

Here again one sees that half-merit and quarter-merit puff themselves up the most. Pietro Abano is more lowly-minded than you, his feeble mimic." "You are unmannerly!" exclaimed the young Florentine irritated to the utmost.

I hope that it is by a not unnatural progress I pass from speaking of dinners and diners to the kindred subject of the present chapter, and I trust the reader will not disdain the lowly-minded muse that sings this mild domestic lay.

As long as he remained their visitor, kite and violin and all were forgotten, and he followed him like a dog. To have such a gentleman for a relation, was grand indeed. What could he do for him? He ministered to him in all manner of trifles a little to the amusement of Dr. Anderson, but more to his pleasure, for he saw that the boy was both large-hearted and lowly-minded: Dr.

"To think that he should see you thus with the like of me!" It amused Arthur exceedingly. Poor, lowly-minded Jenkins! The bishop appeared to divine the state of the case, for he stopped when he came up. Possibly he was struck by the wan hue which overspread Jenkins's face. "You look ill, Jenkins," he said, nodding to Arthur Channing. "Keep your hat on, Jenkins keep your hat on."

But I have before now seen a woman who might worthily be set in their company, a person whose sweet and wise actions were so gracefully carried and so easily let fall as to suggest an order and quality of goodness quite out of relation to common flesh and blood. What a contrast between such lowly-minded, unobtrusive beauties and egotists like our multitudinous asters and golden-rods!

The lowly-minded man who bowed down to take the lower place, consenting to be the more obscure, was by God exalted to the higher seat and greater throne of influence. Within a few weeks the Lord's will, as to their new sphere, became so plain to both these brethren that on May 23d Mr. Muller left Teignmouth for Bristol, to be followed next day by Mr. Craik.

It was here that a fierce chief, Tinomana, became a humble, lowly-minded Christian, and died strong in the faith. This is the island, the inhabitants of which were among the fiercest of all the isles of the Pacific, and are now among the most consistent and truest Christians. It has sent out more missionaries than any other to convert the heathen of the isles of the Pacific.

In some such fashion as this did this lowly-minded saint in Bristol plead with God for more than threescore years, and prevail as every true believer may who with a like boldness comes to the throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace to help in every time of need.