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Paris, ii. 455. Rymer, Foedera, i. 140. Rymer, Foedera, i. 75. But see Guilhiermoz, Bibliotheque de l'Ecole des Chartes, lx. , 45-85, whose argument is, however, not convincing. Roger of Wendover, iii. 170. Ralph of Coggeshall, 139-141. L'Histoire de Guillaume la Marechal, ll. 12737-12741.

'L'Histoire des Traites de Paix', in two volumes, folio, which I recommended to you some time ago, is a book that you should often consult, when you hear mention made of any treaty concluded in the seventeenth century. Upon the whole, if you have a mind to be considerable, and to shine hereafter, you must labor hard now.

Whether you ever get this letter or not is point of little importance, as I write altogether for my own amusement. I shall cork the MS. up in a bottle, however, and throw it into the sea. Yours everlastingly, And stepped at once into a cooler clime. Cowper KEATS fell by a criticism. De L'Omelette perished of an ortolan. L'histoire en est breve. Assist me, Spirit of Apicius!

I do not quote myself with any intention of making a claim to originality in putting forth this view; for I have since discovered that the same conception is virtually contained in the great "Discours sur l'Histoire Universelle" of Bossuet, now more than two centuries old:

"I assure you that my friends and I will lead them a fine dance; they shall drink the cup to the very lees," wrote Voltaire to D'Alembert. The Essai sur l'Histoire generale et les Moeurs was one of the first broadsides of this new anti-religious crusade.

Yet, nevertheless, Professor Max Muller, who, as already mentioned, was never in India, sits as a judge and corrects chronological tables as is his wont, and Europe, taking his words for those of an oracle, endorses his decisions. Et c'est ainsi que s'ecrit l'histoire.

Burton sur mon Histoire de France que je viens de trouver dans le numero 285 de 'l'Edinburgh Review. C'est excellent; il est impossible de serrer de plus pres les diverses parties de mon ouvrage en les analysant d'une maniere plus claire et plus frappante. Les liens de l'histoire de France avec l'Etat, la Couronne, l'Eglise et les moeurs publiques y sont resumes dans toute leur verite.

In the Revue he had, among other novels, brought out the beginning of "L'Histoire des Treize," and the parsimonious shareholders now had the mortification of seeing the great man carry his wares to L'Europe Litteraire; while the Revue de Paris, in consequence of his desertion, declined in popularity.

"L'Histoire d'un Crime," of Victor Hugo, has so many of these touches as to be, by a kind of reflex action, a very school of English. The whole incident of the omnibus in that grave work has unconscious international comedy.

I admire him most exceedingly; and, whether as an epic, dramatic, or lyric poet, or prose-writer, I think I justly apply to him the 'Nil molitur inepte'. I long to read his own correct edition of 'Les Annales de l'Empire', of which the 'Abrege Chronologique de l'Histoire Universelle', which I have read, is, I suppose, a stolen and imperfect part; however, imperfect as it is, it has explained to me that chaos of history, of seven hundred years more clearly than any other book had done before.

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