How truly profitable hath been grace preserved in silence in this frail life, which, as we are told, is all temptation and warfare. Psalm lx. 11. St. Agatha. Psalm cxvi. 11; Romans iii. 4. Matthew x. 17, 36. Matthew xxiv. 23. Of having confidence in God when evil words are cast at us "My Son, stand fast and believe in Me. For what are words but words?

The event that has since happened has probably removed the only obstacle to your mutual happiness; nor am I without the hope of seeing him one day return to be made happy by your favour. As several passages were expected to be made between China and Nootka, that desirable event cannot be expected to be very near. Letter LX To Mrs. Montford Philadelphia, October 20.

Scripture likewise seems to point out this method, Surely the Isles shall wait for me; the ships of Tarshish first, to bring my sons from far, their silver, and their gold with them, unto the name of the Lord, thy God. Isai. lx. 9.

Reg., vol. xvi., p. 265; Astr. Astr., August, 1899; Ann. Bureau des Long., 1898; Nature, vols. lii., p. 439; lvi., p. 280; lix., p. 304; lx., p. 491; Astroph. Roy. R. Dublin Soc., vol. iv., p. 481, 1891; Rosse, Proc. Roy. Trans., vol. cxliii., p. 397; Proc. Roy. Astr. "The analogy between Mars and the earth is perhaps by far the greatest in the whole solar system."

She knows it well, she has analyzed it; and what slight but terrible evidence comes from these circumstances to prove to an intelligent husband that this frail creature argues and reasons, instead of being carried away on the tempest of passion. LX. The more a man judges the less he loves.

The interior plastering of kivas was always much more carefully done than that of any other walls. Owing to blackening by smoke and recoating, the thickness of the plastering in kivas can be easily made out. Often it is as thin as ordinary paper. Plate LX shows walls in which an abundance of mud mortar was used, and the effect is that of a plastered wall.

LX. But the most manifest and deadly hatred towards him was produced by his desire of kingly power, which to the many was the first, and to those who had long nourished a secret hatred of him the most specious, cause.

For the life of me, I cannot find the 'even so' in this sentence. The watchman cries, 'half-past three o'clock. Even so, and after the same manner, the great Cham of Tartary has a carbuncle on his nose. Chap. LX. p. 483. George in the Greek tongue, is called a 'builder', that buildeth countries and people with justice and righteousness, &c.

Such is "Shushan Eduth," over Psalm lx., meaning "Fair as lilies is thy law," apparently the name of a popular religious air. Another, probably secular, is over Psalm xxii., "Aijeleth Shahar," "The stag at dawn," and another, over Psalm 1vi., "Jonathelem Rechokim," which is, being interpreted, "O silent dove, what bringest thou us from out the distance?"

Others, of a different quality, where he is dealing with Platonic subtleties or Petrarchan conceits, have been twisted into so many forms, and tortured by such frequent re-handlings, that it is difficult now to settle a final text. The Codex Vaticanus is peculiarly rich in examples of these compositions. Madrigal lvii. and Sonnet lx., for example, recur with wearisome reiteration.