In other cases the critic is obliged to support his journal's repute for severity, or for wit, or for morality, though he may himself be entirely amiable, dull, and wicked; this necessity more or less warps his verdicts. The worst is that he is personal, perhaps because it is so easy and so natural to be personal, and so instantly attractive.

Finally, when the overtaking binders had stopped near-by, he took out a small shaft and held it up so that the harvesters could see it. "Journal's bent; I'll have to go get a new piece," he said. "Go ahead with your teams." After that he unhitched his horses and was leading them past the place where the Jernynghams sat, when Gertrude spoke to him.

On which side lay the deviation from truth it was impossible to say; but if one respectable journal's assertions were true, the others surely were false. It was strange and laughable to read on one bulletin board, "Republican Victory! Election of Hayes! South Carolina and Florida ours by large majorities!" and then to find only a few yards off a no less flaming announcement of "Democratic Triumph!

After I had looked over the field and inspected the Journal's books I was satisfied that a union with the Courier was the wisest solution of the newspaper situation, and told them so. Meanwhile Mr. Haldeman, whom I had known in the Confederacy, sent for me. He offered me the same terms for part ownership and sole editorship of the Courier, which the Journal people had offered me.

Reeve, thus left to himself, started almost immediately for Scotland on a visit to Sir James Clark, who, with Lady Clark and his son the present baronet was then living up Dee-side at Birk Hall, lent him by the Queen. The Journal's scanty notices of a very interesting visit can be happily replaced by extracts from the letters which he wrote almost daily to his wife at Pencarrow. To Mrs.

Those two writers can never be accused of having nothing to say, or of backwardness in saying it. Each has separately long maintained a striking individuality of tongue and pen. Working together, they will produce a canvas of the Rembrandt school Mrs. Stanton painting the high lights and Mr. Pillsbury the deep darks. In fact, the new journal's real editors are Hope and Despair.

Tanberry that she now derived all information concerning Mr. Carewe, as he had not directly addressed her since the afternoon when he discovered her reading the Journal's extra. "No, we are to meet him' there. He seems rather pleasanter than usual this evening," remarked Mrs. Tanberry, hopefully, as she retired.

If the Journal's circulation were local, it could get plenty, but local advertising, of course, does not properly belong in a national paper, for all except the local circulation is a waste for it.

He saw six fights and never shot off his gun once because as he said it was not his business to kill people and he has persuaded me that he is right, so I won't do anything but look on I have bought at The Journal's expense a fifty dollar field glass which is a new invention and the best made.

The Journal's epitaph was promptly written by a scurrilous opponent in lines showing that the prominences of Fielding's profile were well-known: Beneath this stone Lies Trott Plaid John His length of chin and nose. See the Gentleman's Magazine, November 1748. "In God's Name let us speak out honestly and set the good against the bad." No. 48 of the Jacobite's Journal.