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"Trying to run straight and finding it filthily difficult," the other answered. "What do you call yourself, anyway?" Wingate asked. "There's nothing except your name on the board downstairs." Slate nodded. "I'm the only one in the building," he said, "who isn't either a theatrical agent or a bookmaker.

We're so little alike, it makes me feel sometimes we're not brothers. I don't know where you get your temperament from." "It doesn't matter where I got it, it's mine. I want to earn my own living, and I'm doing it." Admiration came into Fabian's face. "Yes," he said, "and you don't borrow " "And don't beg or steal.

"But never mind that. What is the trouble?" "I'm afraid it means more than just trouble for me, Mr. Carrados." The man had steady, half-closed eyes, with the suggestion of depth which one notices in the eyes of those whose business it is to look out over great expanses of land or water; they were turned towards Carrados's face with quiet resignation in their frankness now.

"I'm sorry about your Appeal," said Ellen "I saw in to-day's paper that you've lost it."

Remember what I told you, that I was going to take you and the cub down to the Girl? Do you remember? The Girl I said was an angel, and 'd love you to death, and all that? Well, I'm glad something happened and you didn't go. It wasn't the same when I got back, an' SHE wasn't the same, Miki.

"And do you think he would remember you?" continued Thad, only half convinced that he ought to let the other take the risk; though there really seemed no other way out of the difficulty that promised one-half as good chances. "Oh! I'm sure he would, he acted so very friendly. Please let me try it, Thad.

"Sorry," he said, "I'm afraid you'll have to wear these inside your cheeks to give the effect of roundness. You've got an oval face and the other man has a round one. I can get the fullness of the throat by giving you a very low collar, rather open and a size too large for you."

'Get off what do you mean? the girl demanded, with a coldness she failed to feel, for she was tingling all over with shame and rage. 'Why, what do you suppose I'm talking about? I'm going to haul her up and to have it out. 'You're going to make a scandal? 'Make it? Bless my soul, it isn't me! And I should think it was made enough.

We understood that his lordship, Mosha de Carwell, was main bad. Ha, sir, we shall all feel his loss, poor, dear, noble gentleman; and I'm sure nobody more polite! They do say, sir, his wealth is enormous, and before the Revolution, quite a prince in his own country! But I beg your pardon, sir; 'ow I do run on, to be sure; and doubtless all beknown to you already!

Whaley took me there, but West followed." "How did you get away?" "We were out of food. They went hunting. West took my snowshoes. Onistah came. He saw them coming back and gave me his shoes. He went and hid in the woods. But they'll see his tracks. They'll find him. We must hurry back." "Yes," agreed McRae. "I'm thinkin' if West finds the lad, he'll do him ill."