"She is twice as pretty as I am; Jules might take to her instead who knows?" So that she was at once savage and yet triumphant when she saw, as she thought, Bébée drifting down the high flood of temptation. "Oh, oh, you dainty one!" she cried one day to her. "So you would not take the nuts and mulberries that do for us common folk, because you had a mind for a fine pine out of the hothouses!

There are no customers and the gray light makes things dreary . And it is spring in my hothouses there are a thousand cyclamens for the one you have lost, a thousand violets for every one on the backs of these little elephants narcissus and daffodils . Why not?" Why not, indeed? Why not, when Adventure beckoned, go to meet it?

But as the reaction employed indicates very small quantities of quinine, it may be safely assumed that the barks examined contained not a trace of this alkaloid, and it can scarcely be doubted that the deficiency of sunlight in our hothouses is one of the causes of the deficiency of quinine.

Wild flowers always seemed to her like the flowers of the poor, something like her lilac dress. She remembered that she had seen flowers of a different sort at the house of M. Gardinois, at the Chateau de Savigny, in the hothouses, on the balconies, and all about the gravelled courtyard bordered with tall urns. Those were the flowers she loved; that was her idea of the country!

At sight of the tear Seth was like a man who is all at once drunk with new wine. There is truth in the wine. There are times when it clears the brain for the moment and reveals things as they are. He looked at Cyclona with new eyes. It was as if he had never before seen her. She differed from Celia as the wild rose differs from the rose that blooms in hothouses, and yet how beautiful she was!

Yesterday I went for a walk with him through a beautiful garden at Schönbrunn that was in full blossom; all the hothouses were open and the fragrance was overpowering.

Intensely earnest as usual, he besought great ladies to let him have the overflow of their hothouses; and they classing it as another of the mystifications of a purse crazy for repleteness, inquired: 'But is it you we are to deal with? And he quite seriously said: 'With me, yes, at present. Something was behind the curtain, of course.

Bates through the kitchen-gardens and the hothouses, where the rich bunches of green and purple grapes hung from the roof, far out of reach of the tiny yellow hand that could not help stretching itself out towards them; though the hand was sure at last to be satisfied with some delicate-flavoured fruit or sweet-scented flower.

"And something I mustn't know. Well, to change the scene suppose you go with me to visit the greenhouse and hothouses. Have you seen them yet?" "No," said Ellen, as she eagerly sprang forward to take his hand; "Ellen promised to go with me, but we have been so busy." "Will you come, Alice?" "Not I," said Alice, "I wish I could, but I shall be wanted elsewhere."

His pet monkeys were sold and his tame magpies, the pots of flowers out of the hothouses and the bunches of melons and winter grapes ripening under glass. After that it was the turn of the slaves.