A short wave receiving set is one that will receive a range of wave lengths of from 150 to 600 meters while the distance over which the waves can be received as well as the intensity of the sounds reproduced by the headphones depends on: whether it is a regenerative set and whether it is provided with amplifying tubes.

The young business manager paced the deck of the barge, at every step reproaching himself for allowing his chum to undertake so hazardous a venture. As his watch told him that Tom must be nearing the bottom he seated himself by the switchboard, headphones clamped over his ears. "Ground floor," announced Tom at last. "Pretty dark down here. I'll switch on my flash. Now by George!"

Metcalf spoke into his wireless telephone transmitter was caught and swelled in volume by the Telemegafones below and persons blocks away could hear the message plainly. Two kinds of these loud speakers are made and these are: a small loud speaker for the use of operators so that headphones need not be worn, and a large loud speaker for auditorium and out-door audiences.

In using either of these heterodyne receivers be sure to carefully adjust the B battery by means of the potentiometer. Wireless Headphones. A telephone receiver for a wireless receiving set is made exactly on the same principle as an ordinary Bell telephone receiver.

The ends of this magnet, which are called poles, are bent up, and hence this type is called a bipolar receiver. The magnets are wound with fine insulated wire as before and the diaphragm is held securely in place over them by screwing on the cap. About Resistance, Turns of Wire and Sensitivity of Headphones.

As these rising and falling currents act on the pulsating currents from the B battery which flow through the detector tube and the headphones you will hear them as beats.

Half the world would be praying for you, Joe, if it knew! I can't do anything else, so I'm going to start on that right now. But you try, Joe! You hear me?" "I'll try," said Joe humbly. "Thanks, Sally." He heard a sound like a sob, and the headphones were silent. Joe himself swallowed very carefully. It can be alarming to be the object of an intended murder, but it can also be very thrilling.

He looked over at the old man fondly. "Say, Nick," said Connel, addressing the man by his given name for the first time, "you remember the time it took me four hours to find that bottle of rocket juice you hid on that old Titan freighter?" Shinny cackled, his thin voice coming over the headphones of the others as well as Connel's. "I sure do, Lou!" replied Shinny, using Connel's first name.

At the same time the alternating positive and negative voltage of the oscillating currents is impressed on the grid; at each change from + to and back again it allows the electrons to strike the plate and then shuts them off; as the electrons form the conducting path between the filament and the plate the larger direct current from the B battery is permitted to flow through the detector tube and the headphones.

It consists of a brass horn with a curve in it and in the bottom there is an adapter, or frame, with a set screw in it so that you can fit in one of your headphones and this is all there is to it. The construction is rigid enough to prevent overtones, or distortion of speech or music. Another Simple Kind of Loud Speaker.