And he uttered ten rapid hoots, which served to make Mr. Frog’s fingers fly all the faster. Soon he was sewing Solomon’s coat with long stitches; and though his needle slipped now and then, he did not pause to take out a single stitch. For some reason, Mr. Frog was in a great hurry. Solomon Owl did not appear to notice that the tailor was not taking much pains with his sewing. Perhaps Mr.

“I declare—I haven’t cut the holes for your eyes!” the tailor exclaimed. “Just wait a moment and I’ll make everything satisfactory.” He clinked his shears together sharply as he spoke. But Solomon Owl told him that he wouldn’t think of letting anybody use shears so near his eyes. Solomon Found Mr. Frog’s Shop Was Closed

But when he uncrossed his legs, in his haste he tangled them up in his sewing. And all he could do was to turn a somersault backward among some bulrushes, hoping that Solomon Owl had not seen him. It is no secret that Mr. Frog was terribly afraid of Solomon Owl. Some of Mr. Frog’s friends had mysteriously disappeared. And they had last been seen in Solomon’s company. As it happened, Mr.

After a desperate struggle the unfortunate Rudolph was overpowered and conveyed in the undignified fashion known as the frog’s march to a room in a remote wing, there to pass the night under lock and key. “The scoundrelly German impostor!” exclaimed a young man, a fellow visitor of the Baron Bunker’s, to a tall, military-looking gentleman. Colonel Savage seemed lost in thought.

What principle was not traced to its first origin, and exhibited in its most naked shape? What whole was not analyzed? What complex idea was not elaborately traced out, and, as it were, finely painted for the contemplation of the mind, till it was spread out in all its minutest portions as perfectly and delicately as a frog’s foot shows under the intense scrutiny of the microscope?

All the winter coats this year will have hoods, with holes to see through, you know.” Solomon Owl looked relieved at Mr. Frog’s explanation. But there was still something more that appeared to trouble him. “How shall I get into the coat?” he inquired. “It doesn’t open in front, as it should.” “Another cold-weather style!” Mr. Frog assured him. “It’s wind-proof!

Do what he could, there was no getting near the hideous creature. He had recourse to stratagem, and, pretending not to be afraid of the animal, he threw his sword over the frog’s back, exclaiming, “Take that; I fear thee not!”

In spite of his fears, to work to cut up some cloth that hung just outside his door. “Stop!” Solomon Owl cried in a voice that seemed to shake the very ground. “You haven’t measured me yet!” “It’s not necessary,” Mr. Frog explained glibly. “I’ve become so skilful that one look at an elegant figure like yours is all that I need.” Naturally, Mr. Frog’s remark pleased Solomon Owl.

Mount in water on a glass slide some thin slices of cartilage and examine first with a low and then with a high power of microscope. Mount and examine with the microscope thin slices of elder pith, potato, and the stems of growing plants. Make drawings of the cells thus observed. Examine with the microscope a small piece of the freshly sloughed off epidermis of a frog’s skin.

Frog to make me a waistcoat and trousers. And then——” He did not finish what he was saying. But there is no doubt that whatever it was, it could not have been very pleasant for Mr. Frog. Just as he had planned, Solomon Owl returned to the brook the next day. And he was both surprised and disappointed at what he found. The door of Mr. Frog’s tailor’s shop was shut and locked.