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He did not complain, although he must have been fixed in that uncomfortable position for some minutes, but plunged at once into the business that brought him there. "But WHY didn't you come to my lodgings?" I asked. He smiled sadly but intelligently. He no payee me. He say he knock hellee outee me allee time I come for payee. So me no come HOUSEE, me come SCHOOLEE, Shabbee?

There were twenty or more of them, and they were all armed to the teeth. When they saw the girls they broke into a cheer, but a motion from Hop quickly silenced them. "Don't makee no noise," he said. "Misler Wild no git tee outee yet, so be." Then he told them just how things were, and the men agreed to wait with the girls until they received orders from either Charlie on Jim.

Makee too much noisee, all samee too much plenty fiahclackers. Kickee like blazes. Plitty near knockee arm outee Song." The boys stripped Farley after breakfast, and found his legs in pretty bad condition. They looked as if Song's gun had been loaded with smallpox, and all of it had lodged in the lad's legs. "Boys, we'll have to take relays in picking the shot from our first victim," said Ted.

He kept this one concealed in his hand and passed the deck to Roche, saying: "You pickee outee um jack of hearts and me allee samee showee how me makee fly away." The man quickly looked over the cards and found that the jack of hearts was not among them. "I reckon you took it when no one was looking," he said, with a smile. "That is not much of a trick; I could do that myself."

You tellee allee 'boutee. But makee um stay light here till Misler Charlie or Misler Jim come." "All right, Hop," Anna answered. "We will do just as you say. But where is Charlie?" "He in um cave." "What!" "He come in light after me, so be. He waitee to git tee lillee chance to git tee Misler Wild outee." The girls understood. Just then the walking miners from the camp came in sight.

"He takee lillee tlip to huntee uppee some outlaws, so be," answered the Chinaman. "Me likee havee lillee tanglefoot; len me go outee huntee, too, so be." "Is that so? Well, I don't know how much of a hunter you are, but if yer are as good at it as yer are with ther cards you'll make out all right, I reckon." "Lat light."