The bricklayer went sprawling, and in an instant the Push closed in on the fallen man as footballers form a scrum, kicking the struggling body with silent ferocity, drunk with the primeval instinct to destroy. "Nit!" cried Jonah; and the Push scattered, disappearing by magic over fences and down lanes. The bricklayer had ceased to struggle, and lay in a heap.

What do they know or care for anything outside their little lives and what they call their love of sport, they who spend five days in your grim factories toiling before machines, their one afternoon, content to sit and watch the prowess of others! I speak to these footballers themselves. They are strong men and swift. They are paid to play this game.

"And what sort of a place is Belfast on a Saturday afternoon with a lot of drunk footballers flying about? He will not go, William. You can send Matthew!..." Uncle William made a gesture of impatience. "You know rightly, Matthew's no good for a job of this sort!" "Well, then, you'll have to go yourself. I'll keep an eye to the shop, forby my own work!..."

Half an hour's thoughtful perusal of the "Footballers' Who's Who", just to find out some elementary facts about Manchester United, and I rather think the friendly Native is corralled. And now once more to work. Work, the hobby of the hustler and the deadbeat's dread. The Haunting of Mr Bickersdyke Anything in the nature of a rash and hasty move was wholly foreign to Psmith's tactics.

Pull out his eyes, Apologize, Apologize, Pull out his eyes. Apologize, Pull out his eyes, Pull out his eyes, Apologize. The wide playgrounds were swarming with boys. All were shouting and the prefects urged them on with strong cries. The evening air was pale and chilly and after every charge and thud of the footballers the greasy leather orb flew like a heavy bird through the grey light.

Some people were inclined to agree with the protest, until Denry wrote to the Signal and put a few questions: Was Bursley proud of its football team? Or was Bursley ashamed of its football team? Was the practice of football incompatible with good citizenship? Was there anything dishonourable in playing football? Ought professional footballers to be considered as social pariahs?

Then some unfortunately-inspired parson wrote to the Signal to protest against professional footballers following the chief magistrate of the borough to church. His arguments were that such a thing was unheard-of, and that football was the cause of a great deal of evil gambling.

Two extremely big young men, who had the air of footballers in training, did what they could to form a hollow square round a couple of fragile but determined girls. The party, while in reality bent upon securing the two best seats at any cost to life or limb, pretended to be looking at an illustrated newspaper.

The loss fell specially on a picked battalion, the 7th Dublins, which had grown up about a footballers' company, the very flower of young Irish manhood. Grief and indignation were universal when tales of what had happened began to come through. But of all this Redmond said no word in public. He threatened disclosure in debate at one period; yet on a strong representation from Mr.

"Three cheers for Machin!" people chanted gaily. "Order!" said the Mayor. Denry faced the audience. He was now accustomed to audiences. He said: "If I'm not mistaken, one of the greatest modern footballers is a native of this town." And scores of voices yelled: "Ay! Callear! Callear! Greatest centre forward in England!" "Yes," said Denry. "Callear is the man I mean.