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He was gone with the words, with all an ardent lover's alacrity, and Will Musgrave smiled. "He's a heady youngster, but there's real stuff in him." "Sound, is he?" said Nick. "I should say so; but fancy he's a bit fiery," said Will. There was nothing to denote fieriness in Noel's attitude as he composed himself a few seconds later for the ceremony of Peggy's devotions.

It is really the most epicurean of intoxicants because the charm lies in the after-taste. The water is so cool and refreshing after the fieriness; it gives, without the gasconnade, the emotion Keats experienced when he peppered his mouth with cayenne for the greater enjoyment of iced claret.

She loved children, and they loved her, though not without a certain sense of awe. She had a fiery temper; but that fieriness was reserved almost entirely for grown-up people. A child, if it knew the proper moment for action, could do anything it liked with her. Taken altogether, she was one of the most remarkable women, whether for character or intellect, that I have ever come across.

Her face, outlined to express a gentle gravity, was now haughtily passionate; nostrils and lips thrilled with wrath, and her eyes were magnificent in their dark fieriness. 'You shall not need to tell me that again, she answered, and immediately left him. She went into the sitting-room, where Mrs Yule was awaiting the result of the interview.

"Awnly the youth and fieriness of 'e." "Me fiery! I lay you wouldn't find a cooler chap in Chagford." "You 'm a dinky bit comical-tempered now and again, dear heart." He flushed, and the corners of his jaw thickened. "If a man was to say that, I'd knock his words down his throat." "I knaw you would, my awn Will; an' that's bein' comical-tempered, ban't it?"

If you desire that, there is no fear that you will find opportunities." "Damn me, sir, if I do not believe you are come to bully me." "Mr. Tyrrel! sir have a care!" "Of what, sir! Do you threaten me? Damn my soul! who are you? what do you come here for?" The fieriness of Mr. Tyrrel brought Mr. Falkland to his recollection. "I am wrong," said he. "I confess it. I came for purposes of peace.

What wonder that he never liked the boy? Harvey, so far as anyone could perceive, had no affection, no good feeling, no youthful freshness or simplicity of heart; moreover, he exhibited precocious arrogance, supported by an obstinacy which had not even the grace of quickening into fieriness; he was often a braggart, and could not be trusted to tell the truth where his self-esteem was ever so little concerned.

"Nay," she said, "it has been a long time since the morning, and they, and their fieriness which has so burned out, are now to me as a tale that hath been told. It is the living that I am going to, and I hope to do well by them." Came they then to the bridge-end and there was no man there, nought but the kine that were wandering about over the dewy grass of eventide.

"Before Mid-Lent, even though I wear away my legs to the knees!" She said it with that sort of repressed fieriness that means so much when a person's heart is in a thing. You could see the response in that nobleman's face; you could see his eye light up; there was sympathy there. He said, most earnestly: "God knows I think you should have the men-at-arms, and that somewhat would come of it.

Shann, chilled in spite of the sun's heat, followed his example, wondering if time had ceased to fight on their side. The sun was a harsh ball of heat baking the ground and then, in some odd manner, drawing back that same fieriness. In the coolness of the eastern mountains Shann would not have believed that Warlock could hold such heat.