I remember one morning, on the second voyage, when we had made an early start and the night-gloom still lingered in the depths of Marble Canyon as we bore down on a particularly narrow place where the river turned a sharp bend to disappear between walls vertical at the water, into a deep-blue haze, it seemed to me that ANYTHING might be found there, and looking up from my seat in the bow of our boat into the gallant explorer's face, I said: "Major, what would you have done on the first trip if just beyond that bend you had come upon a fall like Niagara?"

The Professor's story is briefly that having acquired this language, which nobody that has witnessed his experiments will call in question, he went back to the jungle for a week, living all the time in the ordinary explorer's cage of the Blik pattern.

The redman's canoe, the explorer's batteau, the hunter's lodge, the emigrant's cabin, all stood related to that inspiring vista. For the first time in my life I longed to put this noble stream into verse. All that day I had studied the land, musing upon its distinctive qualities, and while I acknowledged the natural beauty of it, I revolted from the gracelessness of its human habitations.

He fancies himself bathing with demon apes in the wilds of Africa, having read an explorer's account of such a scene very recently. They press him hard, and he can see no hope of escaping with his life. In the midst of his mental torture he opens his eyes, and the disagreeable features of the case are suddenly swept away. Where can he be?

It was Jean's shilling really, for I hadn't anything left, and I wrote in it, 'Wishing you a pretty New Year. I forgot about 'happy' being the word; d'you think she'll mind?" "I think Pamela will prefer it called 'pretty," Jean said. "You are lucky, aren't you? and so is Jock with that gorgeous knife." "It's an explorer's knife," said Jock. "You see, you can do almost everything with it.

As the tide continued to rise, Ives feared the whole flat would soon be inundated, so everything belonging to the expedition was stowed on board till the Explorer's gunwales were no more than six inches above the surface. Through this circumstance, the expedition came near a disastrous end the next night, when the steamer proceeded up the river on the flood tide.

A terrific and obviously enthusiastic crocodile is grabbing the tail of the explorer's coat, and the explorer says "Hurrah! das gibt wieder einen prachtigen Artikel fur Die Allgemeine Zeitung." I do not know where in the world Gerstaeker was at the time, but I should fancy hereabouts.

The chair of the resident indeed stood vacant before the hearth but on either flank of it the figure of Bannon in explorer's kit of tweed shorts and salted cowhide brogues contrasted sharply with the primrose elegance and townbred manners of Malachi Roland St John Mulligan.

Ants again. Swim in the tarn. View from summit of range. Altitude. Tatterdemalions. An explorer's accomplishments. Cool and shady caves. Large rocky tarn. The Circus. High red sandhills to the west. Ancient lake bed. Burrowing wallabies. The North-west Mountain. Jimmy and the grog bottle. The Rawlinson Range. Moth- and fly-catching plant. An inviting mountain. Inviting valley.

The explorer's joy, the sense of adventure, the feeling of wildness and freedom, withered and crumpled somewhat preposterously at the sight of the parlour-cars. My scratched hands and wet boots and torn coat seemed unkempt and disreputable. Perhaps some of the well-dressed people looking out at the windows of the train were the friends with whom we were to dine on Saturday.