She was far off and connected only by a tenuous thing which might any moment go into confusion and stop. At the other end some one was making fun of her. They doubted if "The Cross of Diamonds" could be seen anywhere at all. "The Cross of Diamonds" had been double-crossed. Wasn't it too much of a cross, anyway, to see "The Cross of Diamonds"? Finally another man came to the phone.

As for Wiley, he ran through the papers, making notes of dates and numbers, and then grimly began to fill out a legal blank. "There's the option," he said, passing over a paper, "and I see now how you double-crossed my father. So you don't need to sign unless you want to." "Why er what's that?" exclaimed Blount, coming out of his abstraction as Wiley slapped down the bundle of certificates.

Fif ty thous and dollars! We calls it 'The Double-Cross an' the Get-Away. The Perfessor has double-crossed our friend an' worthy leader, Red McIvor, an' refuses to say where he has buried the hidden treasure. Instead of fifty thousand good bucks, he hands over a wad o' phoney bills.

Four men seized Colton, and he struggled helplessly in their grasp as he was dragged away, his face working malignantly as he looked back at Dale. "Double-crossed!" he yelled; "you damned, grinnin' coyote!" A crowd had gathered; Sanderson shouldered his way toward Dale and faced him. Sanderson's face was white with rage, but his voice was cold and steady as he stood before Dale.

I've been double-crossed, that's all. It means I must quit." "Of course. I'm trying to figure out what it will mean to me." Runnels smiled grimly. "The same thing it would mean to me if I stayed, I'd go back to my desk; in a month I'd have a row with Blakeley, no matter what I did; then I'd be fired and have a tough time getting a job with another railroad.

Again Hardman showed his kind of fiber under extreme provocation: "Yes, I hired him an' he's double-crossed you as well as me." "Did he? Well, now you prove that," flashed Pan who had read the furious falseness of the man. "Purcell here," replied Hardman hoarsely, "he's been camped below. Hurd met him at night kept him posted on your work.

"That don't answer me!" he growled, his voice thick in his constricted throat. "What have you got to say to the way you double-crossed me, you old one-eyed hellion?" "Talk don't hurt, Jerry, unless a man talks too much," Shanklin answered mildly. "Now, if I wanted to talk, I could mighty near talk a rope around your little white neck. I know when to talk and when to keep still."

But he was losing his bravado. Something began to dawn upon his obtuse consciousness. "What do I care for you or your gabby talk?" he flashed, sullenly. "You'll care when I tell these rustlers how you double-crossed them." Belllounds made a spring, like that of a wolf in a trap; but when half-way up he slipped. The rustler on his right kicked him, and he sprawled down again, back to the wall.

The thick-set Al went down like a felled ox, and Mac Alarney wavered under an avalanche of blows and crumpled to his knees. Handcuffed and securely bound, the two were bundled into Blaine's waiting car. "Paddington never double-crossed me!" groaned Mac Alarney, before the door closed upon him. "But you did, Blaine! Just as I meant to get him, I'll get you!

The Atlantic leased a lot of scattered acreage I know about and drilled it. Pulled off their crews at the top of the sand and drilled in with men they could trust. It turned out good, but they capped their wells, wrecked their rigs, and, of course, that condemned the whole territory. Then they set about buying it all in, cheap through dummies. Double-crossed the farmers, see?