At first she thought he was endeavouring to rid himself of the fleas, but after a time she came to understand that the muck had healing qualities and soothed the burning scratches made by his claws. In the presence of the husband of his mistress Rollo was always dignifiedly cheerful, but he never leaped or cavorted as he did when alone with Ruth.

Maybe you didn't go in raptures over our aim and make more plans in a day than four men could carry out in a year. Maybe you wish your husband was a man that was content to pound piano keys all his life and let his hair grow long instead of his whiskers. If you hate this, why didn't you say so?" "I was speaking," said Marian as dignifiedly as was possible, "of your mother.

He looked about him, but did not perceive the dame, who, as she saw him approach, retired back farther into the recess. He took out the key, and applied it to the lock. It was now time for Mrs Todd to save her husband. Starting quickly out of the recess, she walked solemnly and dignifiedly up to the official, before whom she presented herself with a low curtsey.

For a while, it is true, he battled with no little energy for the integrity of his dignity, with good lungs and a stout spirit; but, though fully a match in these respects for any one, or perhaps any two of his competitors, he found the task of contending with the dozen rather less easy, and, in a little while, his speeches, into which he had lugged many a choice ad captandum of undisputed effect on any other occasion, having been completely merged and mingled with those of the mass, he wisely forbore any further waste of matter, in the stump-oratory of the South usually so precious; and, drawing himself up proudly and profoundly in his high place, he remained dignifiedly sullen, until the special reference thus made by Colonel Blundell again opened the fountains of the oracle and set them flowing.

Big boys dignifiedly held their books tightly under their left armpits, while their right arms rowed them against the wind toward the noon meal; little fellows set off on a merry canter, so that the icy slush spattered, and the traps of Science rattled in their knapsacks of seal leather.

They run this concern to make money, and they want some of ours. Mr. Marigold'll be sent right back with our soup." He was right; but, before they had eaten their way to the pie and pudding, Ford was dignifiedly informed, "If you please, sah, my name isn't Mr. Marigold, sah, it is Mr. Bellerington, sah; an' my first name isn't Coffee, sah, it's Augustus."

He now rested from his labors to eat a cold potato and a piece of his mother's much-loved corn-cake, which, while disposing of, he dropped asleep, his rosy cheeks crammed to their utmost capacity. "Pooh!" cried Charley, coming noisily in to see if dinner was most ready, "why didn't you keep to work, like the rest of us?" Bub resumed eating, and replied, dignifiedly,

Denny said, 'Nothing', but Oswald knew better. Then Alice said, 'Let's rest a bit, Oswald, it IS hot. 'Sir Oswald, if you please, Plain Pilgrim, returned her brother dignifiedly. 'Remember I'm a knight. So then we sat down and had lunch, and Denny looked better.

Exercise's what you need." Mr. Mix rolled his eyes heavenward. "So young, and so heartless!" he murmured, and went sedately forward to the reception room. The door of the private office was not quite closed; so that the voices of two men were faintly audible. Mr. Mix cast about him, made sure that he was unobserved, and dignifiedly changed his seat nearer that door.

The tea had been poured and handed around the table by the Portuguese girl, Marie, and the sugar-bowl was going after, when she settled herself and her ruffles daintily between Grant and a braided, green-blanketed, dignifiedly loquacious Indian. The boys signaled each another to attention by kicking surreptitiously under the table, but nothing happened.