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Paul rather liked copying the letters, but he wrote slowly, laboriously, and exceedingly badly. He was doing the fourth letter, and feeling quite busy and happy, when Mr. Pappleworth reappeared. "Now then, how'r' yer getting on? Done 'em?" He leaned over the boy's shoulder, chewing, and smelling of chlorodyne. "Strike my bob, lad, but you're a beautiful writer!" he exclaimed satirically.

He got a bottle of chlorodyne and seemed to feel that it would save him. But to-day he is down. Mr, S brought the news when he came by to take me for an afternoon walk. We met the inspector and the padre, coming from M 's house. Extreme unction had been given him and all hope of recovery was gone, though both American physicians had been with him all day and were making every effort to save him.

In no one single case of diarrhoea or acute dysentery had this "Chlorodyne," about which so much has been said, and written, any effect of lessening the attack whatever, though I used three bottles. To the dysentery contracted during, the transit of the Makata swamp, only two fell victims, and those were a pagazi and my poor little dog "Omar," my companion from India.

The conversation then turned on the deadly qualities of that drug when taken in excess, of the fatal sleep in which it lulled its victims. So disastrous were the incidents cited, that half an hour later, when, her aunt and Susan being out, Chrissie took a small bottle of chlorodyne from the mantel-piece, the boatswain implored her to try his nastier but safer remedy instead.

Her nerves were not in a state to stand an indefinite strain, and she realized that she could not bear much more. Even with the chlorodyne and absinthe she hardly slept now, and she scarcely cared to project her thoughts beyond the time of escape from the hateful yacht.

'You look very nice, I think. Are you sure you've everything you'll need quinine, chlorodyne, and so on? 'Think so, said Scott, patting three or four of his shooting pockets as the horse was led up, and he mounted and rode alongside his convoy. 'Good-bye, he cried. 'Good-bye, and good luck, said William.

It may by this time have taken its permanent place, for though an explanation came to me, it never reached the others. And my explanation came in this way. I had suffered a sleepless night from neuralgia, and about midday I had taken a heavy dose of chlorodyne to alleviate the pain.

The face swells, and large blisters form on the cheeks and chin. =Opium.= The inspissated juice of the unripe capsules of the Papaver somniferum. Opium is found in almost all so-called 'soothing syrups' for children, and in Godfrey's cordial, Dalby's carminative, and Collis Browne's chlorodyne. The most important active principles of opium are the alkaloids morphine and codeine.

"My dear Major, I never knew you really satisfied and happy but once, and that was when we had fifty men down with dysentery and fever in a tin-roofed Railway goods-shed, and a hundred and seventy more under leaky canvas, and you were out of chlorodyne and quinine, and could get no milk." "That goes to prove the eleementary difference between the male an' the female character.

"Perhaps I have no business to ask; but unless one goes to the root of a thing it's useless to talk of it at all." "I know that. If I hadn't meant to tell you, I shouldn't be in here now. The fact is . . it's gone a good bit beyond tobacco this last fortnight." He hesitated; but Desmond made no sign. "Did you never miss that bottle of chlorodyne you brought me the day I was bowled over?"

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