Her Winthrop and Endicott blood advertised itself in her Bostonese, but she was sound and strong and the way she instantly got at the invoice price of Henry and his real worth, pleased me. She was genuine American. The thing that troubled me was the fear that Henry would begin too soon to lambast onion soup.

There was no one else about. They scowled and sneered at Jack, and one of them bumped into him. "Heah, fellah, that will do," said Jack, with his Bostonese drawl. "You're solid; you're no sponge." "I ain't, eh?" answered the bully. "I'll tell yer, Mr. Slate, you're covered with bad marks what I don't like, an' I'm just the sponge to wipe them off."

"Boston is all right when you know it or, rather, when it comes to know you," returned Blount, remembering that Boston or Cambridge which is Boston in the process of elucidation was the birth and dwelling place of Patricia. Gantry grinned broadly and lighted his cigar. "The 'effete East' has psychically and psychologically corralled you, hasn't it, Evan? to put it in choice Bostonese.

Whereupon there was a laugh, for Boniface was a mountebank of La Canardiere, famous in the city and all the country side. "A Bastonnais prisoner has just been brought in," said a fourth. At this a serious interest was manifested. A Bastonnais prisoner meant an American prisoner. The expedition of Arnold was known to have started from Boston. Hence its members were called Bostonese.

Bryant gravely conceding the right of Pope or Dryden or Watts, according to the subject of discussion, to be ranked as a poet, or denying the same, while members of lesser note sat about listening and nodding, but preserving becoming reticence. There was almost a Bostonese austerity about the great men of that early time and circle. They wore their garments as Roman Senators wore their togas.

Mars is a serene, sweet place, but I am not yet so intimidated by the lofty life here as to drop my jokes. Some Martians strike me as a trifle heavy in style, just a suggestion of a kind of sublimated Bostonese about them, don't you know. Curious!

The unfortunate lady was essentially of the Boston connection; but she must have been, and probably through Emerson, a friend of my parents mustn't she have held "conversations," in the finest exotic Bostonese, in New York, Emerson himself lecturing there to admiration? since the more I squeeze the sponge of memory the more its stored secretions flow, to remind me here again that, being with those elders late one evening at an exhibition of pictures, possibly that of the National Academy, then confined to scant quarters, I was shown a small full-length portrait of Miss Fuller, seated as now appears to me and wrapped in a long white shawl, the failure of which to do justice to its original my companions denounced with some emphasis.

Then he hiked back to Bill's and went for him in broken Bostonese, winding up with: "What the skip-two-and-carry-one do you mean, you old hold-your-breath-and-take-ten-swallows, by stealing my good money. Didn't you know the horse was blind? Why didn't you tell me?"

When the company had been hushed by the magic of a State Vice and two District Virtues, Priscilla Winthrop rose and in the sweetest Kansas Bostonese told the ladies that she thought this an eminently fitting place to let the visiting ladies know how dearly our town esteems its most distinguished townswoman, Mrs.

"But he was on the train and when the horrid little thing stopped on the side of a hill for two hours, he came along and explained what was the matter." "He talks English like a Bostonese," said Scott. "Doesn't he? And anything that sounds like Boston just naturally puts confidence in a Chicagoan, don't you know?