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It is not a wide and varied life. But it is an intense and very vivid life; and to the Bengali, on that account, more preferable. And if it is confined it is at least confined in the open air, and in a climate of perpetual summer.

Having guarded the college, as they thought, by a test, Brown and Buchanan urged Carey to take charge of the Bengali and Sanskrit classes as "teacher" on Rs. 500 a month or £700 a year. Such an office was entirely in the line of the constitution of the missionary brotherhood.

The launch was in time, however, to land my fair crew for a swim; but they were determined not to desert the ship. Meanwhile I prepared a roof for the night on deck with the sails, and a Bengali man-servant arranged the evening meal. That night the Spray rode in Tombo Bay with her precious freight. Next morning bright and early, even before the stars were gone, I awoke to hear praying on deck.

For a moment, when the bell had ceased, nobody spoke; but pallid face consulted face and eyes grown wide with dread sought eyes that winced in terror. Then the Bengali leaped from his chair, jabbering with bloodless lips. "Police! Raid! We are betrayed!"

"Pull yourself together man!" exclaimed Dermot in disgust. "Go on. What happened?" "They seized and bound her," continued the Bengali, mastering his emotion. "These cowards" with a wave of his hand he indicated the servants "did nothing to protect her. Only the syce attempted to resist, and they killed him." He pointed to the prostrate man.

Gradually and shrinkingly the women and children drew near; but Mr. -'s Bengali servant threatened them with a whip, when there was a general stampede, the women running like hares.

But they always like it." "Don't you know any other languages?" "No why, yes I do, too. I know Bengali. When Mademoiselle asked me that very question this noon I forgot Bengali. I learned one winter in India. I guess I'll telephone her or no I'd rather see her august face when I remind her of my humble linguistic existence. My name is Madeline Ayres.

She sent her card in to the manager-sahib by the lean Mussulman, and followed it past the desks of two or three Bengali clerks, who hardly lifted their well-oiled heads from their account-books to look at her so many mem sahibs to whose enterprises the Chronicle gave prominence came to see the manager-sahib, and they were so much alike.

But the general sentiment has been completely changed since the first quarter of the nineteenth century, when the Missionaries and some outstanding Indians like the Bengali reformer Rammohan Roy agitated for the abolition of Suttee, and the Government, convinced, still hesitated to put down a custom so generally approved.

"There's Surendra Nath and his father," said Mr. Merriman, as they came near the steps. "Hullo, Babu!" he said, "glad to see you again." He shook hands with both the men; the elder was much like his son, a slightly-built Bengali, with white hair and very bright eyes. Both were clad in dhotis of pure white; their legs were bare from the knee, their feet shod with sandals.