At length, the sheer fatigue of combating them threw me towards morning into a slumber; and on awaking, I looked up, and saw a couple of armed men crouching over the glowing embers of the fire. These were the Bolouk Bashi and Pandour, sent by the Natchalnik of Krushevatz, to conduct us to that town.

I beg that your excellency will graciously permit me to return home with the ship to Cavalla, after the soldiers shall have been disembarked. I also entreat of your excellency that my boulouk bashi be made captain in my stead." The capitan pacha turned and looked at young Mohammed Ali.

It seems to me that once, when I sojourned for a time at Cavalla, I also knew a Mohammed Ali, a daring young lad, the friend of Osman, with whose father I resided; I had appointed Osman bim bashi of the soldiers he was to bring over to me, and I also permitted him to select young Mohammed Ali as his boulouk bashi. Yet Osman has not come, nor do you appear to be the Mohammed Ali I then knew."

The Turks return to their vessels, and the boulouk bashi orders the wounded to be brought on board. The order is executed; the dead are left in the boats, and the wounded are carried on board. They now lift up the wounded man who lies beside the dead bey, in the large boat in which they had first seen the capitan standing with the two beys. "Bring him up the ladder," cries the boulouk bashi.

"But who's to rule the island?" demanded Sir Hokus, turning his gaze reluctantly from the smoking dragonskin. "This will require thought," said the Scarecrow pensively. "Let us all think." "I doubt that I can ever think again." The Doubtful Dromedary wagged his head from side to side in a dazed fashion. "Just leave it to our dear Karwan Bashi."

Speaking thus, amid the rank and file of the Ministerial supporters, any opinion at variance with the mouthpieces of the Treasury Bench would be sure to produce a more effective sensation than if delivered from the ranks of the mutinous Bashi Bazouks divided by the gangway from better disciplined forces.

"Remember, Aga," murmured one to the other, "that we have orders not to injure a hair of his head, or to cause him slightest pain. We will lay him down here, here he can rest easily, and can raise his head and see. The eyes of the young boulouk bashi, accustomed as they are to the dark, will easily be able to detect who it is that approaches from over there."

They load their guns, try the locks, and then repair to the port-holes on the lower deck, and hold themselves in readiness to fire at the word of command. There is to be a merry chase to-day. But after what game? Who has seen it? No one knows as yet. The boulouk bashi will give the signal, and when he says "Fire!" they will fire, no matter at what or at whom.

Let the ground be white and covered with flowers, with roses and violets; and I wish, too, they could have life and fragrance!" "Oho, Mr. Boulouk Bashi!" cried the merchant, laughing, and raising his finger threateningly. "Now the secret is out; you are in, love! This carpet is not for yourself, but for some beautiful woman.

Her ladyship received the announcement with her usual composure, and it turned out that she had long expected the Capugi Bashi, and knew the object of his visit. Scarcely had the travellers arrived at Mar Elias than a message came to Lady Hester, requesting her to meet the Zaym at the house of the governor of Sayda, since it was not customary for a Turkish official to go to a Christian's house.