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I was not sure the congregation would let me finish, but it did. My hearers seemed torn by conflicting sentiments, in which anger and curiosity led opposing sides. Many of them left the church in a white fury, but others more than I had expected remained to speak to me and assure me of their sympathy.

"It certainly does not improve them," replied the lawyer, impatiently. "Come, father, my uncle is very busy," said Newton, touching Nicholas on the arm. "Well, good-bye, brother John. I had something to say oh! I hope you are not displeased at my not coming to see you before?" "Humph! not in the least, I can assure you, brother Nicholas; so good-bye.

"I mean precisely what I say, I assure you." "But it is so bright we cannot look at it," said Daisy. "Something is so bright you cannot look at it. The something is not the body of the sun." "Then it is the light that comes from it." "No light comes from it, that I know. I told you, the sun is a dark body." "Not laughing?" "No," said Dr.

In reply, I can only assure you that there must be a mistake in regard to this item.

Those who had lately been my combined enemies were disunited, and each was eager to assure me that he had always been privately my friend, but that he was compelled to conceal his sentiments: each exculpated himself, and threw the blame on others: all apologized to me, and professed to be my most devoted humble servants.

Stair," I would say. He muttered something to himself about the devil taking precious good care of his own; and I laughed. "That is as it may be; but my being here this second time a pensioner on your bounty is by no good will of mine, I do assure you, sir." He sat nodding at me as if I had said a thing to be most heartily agreed to. But his spoken word belied the nods.

It is no use trying to sum people up. One must follow hints, not exactly what is said, nor yet entirely what is done. Some, it is true, take ineffaceable impressions of character at once. Others dally, loiter, and get blown this way and that. Kind old ladies assure us that cats are often the best judges of character. A cat will always go to a good man, they say; but then, Mrs.

Where you are going to, I have no doubt that your courage and your protection will be most important. Yet it is a pity you should be lost to the service." "I feel most sincerely, sir, I assure you, but " "But you sacrifice yourself; I know that. I admire the resolution of your father and mother. Few could have the courage to have taken such a step few women, especially.

I felt quite like a champion, I assure you, for, after all, it was shabby of the women to give her the cold shoulder, and cowardly of the men to stand aloof; so I devoted myself to her, and asked Alice Wilton to be presented to her.

It came from a bird called a flaming something a flaming oh, or a flaming ah, I will not be positive but I can assure you that it did flame; and dear mother had no other thought, but that all the congregation would neither see nor think of any other mortal thing, or immortal even, to the very end of the sermon.