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She tried to look unconcerned, but her face was troubled, and she drew Zoya out of her aunt's hearing. "It is rumored that you lost your temper oh, but entirely! and walked yourself out of the Palazzo Scorpa without so much as saying good-by or waiting for your chaperon." Nina hesitated, then said in an undertone, "Yes, I am afraid it is true. Was it a dreadful thing to do?"

Zoya came in; Elena decided that she had never seen a more charming little face; Anna Vassilyevna came in; Elena felt a pang but with what tenderness she embraced her mother and kissed her on the forehead near the hair, already slightly grey! Then she went away to her own room; how everything smiled upon her there!

'Hey! cried Shubin suddenly in a low voice, 'Zoya Nikitishna is on the lookout, it seems. I will go to her. Elena Nikolaevna despises me now, while you, Andrei Petrovitch, she esteems, which comes to the same thing. I am going; I'm tired of being glum.

Yes, yes, fickle-hearted man, she went on raising her voice, 'you are not going to the club, As for you, Paul, she pursued, getting up, 'I wonder you're not ashamed. I should have thought you would not be so childish. And now my head has begun to ache. Where is Zoya, do you know? 'I think she's upstairs in her room. The wise little fox always hides in her hole when there's a storm in the air.

'Let me in, Pavel; don't be sulky; aren't you ashamed of yourself? 'I am not sulky; I'm asleep and dreaming about Zoya. 'Do stop that, please; you're not a baby. Let me in. I want to talk to you. 'Haven't you had talk enough with Elena? 'Come, come; let me in! Shubin responded by a pretended snore. Bersenyev shrugged his shoulders and turned homewards.

'You will not be angry with me, ideal Zoya Nikitishna; you would not drive me to the dark depths of hopeless despair. And I can't talk to you seriously, because I'm not a serious person. The young girl shrugged her shoulders, and turned to Bersenyev. 'There, he's always like that; he treats me like a child; and I am eighteen. I am grown-up now.

Zoya clutched at Insarov's arm, but he broke away from her, and stood directly facing the insolent giant. 'You will please to move off, he said in a voice not loud but sharp. The German gave a heavy laugh, 'Move off? Well, I like that. Can't I walk where I please? Move off? Why should I move off?

The old ladies against the wall whispered together and glanced openly in her direction, as their gray heads bobbed above their fans. At the end of the evening, as she was descending the staircase with her aunt and uncle, she was joined by Zoya Olisco, who whispered excitedly, "Tell me, cara mia what happened this afternoon?" Nina started. "What have you heard?"

And, secondly, Elena caught me the other day kissing Zoya's arms! 'Zoya's? 'Yes, Zoya's. What would you have? She has such fine shoulders. 'Shoulders? 'Well there, shoulders and arms, isn't it all the same? Elena caught me in this unconstrained proceeding after dinner, and before dinner I had been abusing Zoya in her hearing.

In short, to stay longer at the villa seemed inconvenient, and even, in Nikolai Artemyevitch's words, incompatible with the fulfilment of his 'cherished projects. The last fortnight seemed very long to Elena. Kurnatovsky came over twice on Sundays; on other days he was busy. He came really to see Elena, but talked more to Zoya, who was much pleased with him.