The luxuriant plants of the tropics, those illustrious exotics, with their gorgeous, flamingo-colored blossoms, and great, flapping leaves, like elephant's ears, have a singular working upon my imagination; and remind me of a menagerie and wild-beasts kept in cages. But your illustration is finer; indeed, a grand figure. Put it down for an epic poem."

Cornelius was full of his subject, and did not attend to the Greek. “The wild-beasts hunts,” he continued, “ah, those hunts during the games, Aristo! they were a spectacle for the gods.

Then they ate and drank and mounting set forward again; and, when Kamar al- Zaman asked why this was done, and said, "What is this O my brother, and how shall it profit us?"; Marzawan replied, "Know that thy father, when we have outstayed the second night after the night for which we had his leave, and yet we return not, will mount and follow in our track till he come hither; and, when he happeneth upon this blood which I have spilt and he seeth thy shirt and trousers rent and gore-fouled, he will fancy that some accident befel thee from bandits or wild-beasts, so he will give up hope of thee and return to his city, and by this device we shall win our wishes."

"So those that were unslain and unhurt fled west along the glade, but not as dastards, and had not Thiodolf followed hard in the chase according to his wont, they might even yet have made a fresh stand and spread from oak- tree to oak-tree across the glade: but as it befel, they might not get a fair offing so as to disentangle themselves and array themselves in good order side by side; and whereas the Markmen were fleet of foot, and in the woods they knew, there were a many aliens slain in the chase or taken alive unhurt or little hurt: but the rest fled this way and that way into the thicket, with whom were some of the Burgundians; so there they abide now as outcasts and men unholy, to be slain as wild-beasts one by one as we meet them.

I will turn to the wild-beasts, and believe in panthers and hyenas!" "They did, sir," answered Clare. "Mr. Porson gave me his own name, and he was a clergyman. So I thought afterwards, when I had to think about it, that it couldn't be wrong to use it." But how could sir Harry palter so with himself? He might have got at the necessary facts so much quicker!

"That will do, sentry," he said shortly. "I will see you another time. Come, Mr Herrick." I followed him on deck, and saw him take off his cap and wipe his forehead, but he turned consciously to see if I was looking. "Rather warm below," he said drily. "I'd better have kept to my first answer to you, my lad. You see it's dangerous to go into a wild-beasts' cage."

Bruno and I hunt snails: but we never hurt them when we catch them!" "Sweet angel!" I thought. "How am I to get the idea of Sport into your innocent mind?" And as we stood, hand-in-hand, looking down at the dead hare, I tried to put the thing into such words as she could understand. "You know what fierce wild-beasts lions and tigers are?" Sylvie nodded.

"I've marked you." "Nice wild-beasts to save, Mr Herrick," said the warrant officer. "I feel as if I should like to open fire on them with my revolver." "It's too horrible," I panted. "Look, look, Mr Grey!" "I'm looking, my lad," said my companion. "Give way, my boys; let's stop it somehow."

And they ain't very pretty to look at, sir, and it'd be 'most as safe to go in and see a box o' wild-beasts. Doctor's been in this last hour doin' on 'em up, with depitty, and two on us inside at the `present' all the time. They'd think nothing o' flying at him, and all the time he was taking as much pains with them as if they were some of our chaps. They have give it to one another awful."

He celebrated also upon the Alban mount every year the festival of Minerva, for whom he had appointed a college of priests, out of which were chosen by lot persons to preside as governors over the college; who were obliged to entertain the people with extraordinary chases of wild-beasts, and stage-plays, besides contests for prizes in oratory and poetry.