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"He isn't much better," said Edwin evasively. Johnnie made a deprecatory sound with his tongue against his lips, and frowned, determined to take his proper share in the general anxiety. With careful, dignified movements, he removed his silk hat and his heavy ulster, revealing evening-dress, and a coloured scarf that overhung a crumpled shirt-front. "Where've you been?" Edwin asked. "Tennis dance.

"Where've you been, you young rascal?" he asked, eyeing him sternly. "Looking around," said Henry, still smiling as he thought of the change in the skipper's manner when he should disclose his information. "This is the second time you've taken yourself off," roared the other angrily. "I've half a mind to give you the soundest thrashing you ever had in your life."

Onisim gazed in astonishment at his master, glanced round.... In the window stood an empty dark-green bottle, with the inscription: 'Best Jamaica rum. 'I've been drinking, my lad, that's all, Pyetushkov went on. 'I've been and taken it. I've been drinking, and that's all about it. And where've you been? Tell us ... don't be shy ... tell us. You're a good hand at a tale.

Merrihew's face lengthened. He pulled the yellow hair out of his eyes and gulped his coffee. "Kitty Killigrew leaves in two weeks for Europe." "And who the deuce is Kitty Killigrew?" demanded Hillard. "What?" reproachfully. "You haven't heard of Kitty Killigrew in The Modern Maid? Where've you been? Pippin! Prettiest soubrette that's hit the town in a dog's age."

"Well, where've you been keeping yourself?" Don Custodio called to him, having forgotten all about their dispute. "You're missing the prettiest part of the trip!" "Pshaw!" retorted Simoun, as he ascended, "I've seen so many rivers and landscapes that I'm only interested in those that call up legends."

Cassis rapped out the question like a pistol shot, but before there was time to answer Cranbourne burst into the room, his face aglow with excitement. "I've done it," he said. "It's all right terrific." Lord Almont sprang to his feet. "You don't mean?" "Yes, I do." "The real Mackay?" "Alike as two postage stamps." "Where've you got him?" "Here, in your bathroom changing." "Changing?" "Of course.

"Well, where've you been?" She had to catch her breath. "Oh, my dear, I've had the most wonderful time! I've oh, it's been perfectly gorgeous! And I've got it! I've got it!" He had never seen her keyed to such a pitch, and manlike, he attempted to calm her instead of rising to her own level. "Got what? St. Vitus' dance?" "No! The scheme! The scheme we were looking for!" Henry discarded his paper.

"I'll go to Death Valley," he answered mysteriously. "There's lots of gold over there. I came back one time and they says to me: 'Charley, where've you been for such a long time? 'In Death Valley, I says, 'in the Funeral Range. Working in the Coffin mine, on the graveyard shift. Hah, hah; they can't get nothing out of me.

"You ain't dead, then?" said the mate, taking no notice of this unreasonable remark, "Where've you been all this long time?" "No more than you're master o' this 'ere ship," replied Mr. Harbolt grimly. "I I've been a bit queer in the stomach, an' I took a little drink to correct it. Foolish like, I took the wrong drink, and it must have got into my head."

"Is that any of your business when you haven't had need of me?" returned Cleve. "Yes, it's my business. And I've sent for you. You couldn't be found." "I've been here for supper every night." "I don't talk to any men in daylight. You know my hours for meeting. And you've not come." "You should have told me. How was I to know?" "I guess you're right. But where've you been?" "Down in camp.