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It was very plain to a deductive reasoner from the girl's attitude toward him that she had fallen into relations of uncommon friendliness with this Maitland, young as Anisty believed their acquaintance to be. So much the better. Turn-about was still fair play. Maitland had sown as Anisty; the real Anisty would reap the harvest.

"It comes to this," he continued, "a question of birds or worms." When I had asked him a great many questions, I suppose he thought turn-about was fair play, and he began to cross-examine me upon many points of Christian doctrine, which I did my best to put in the proper form.

In spite of my sickness I started from my uncomfortable resting place, scrambled into the steerage, and by a roll of the brig was tumbled under the steps, and suffered additional pains and apprehensions before I ascertained that the unearthly sounds which had so alarmed me were nothing more than the usual mode of "calling the watch," or in other words, the man with the unmusical voice had gently hinted to the sleepers below that "turn-about was fair play," and they were wanted on deck.

He laughed, and took it in his hands; and another man pinched its tail. Flaxie screamed out: "You mustn't hold it by the handle, Mr. Man!" Then they all laughed more than ever, and clapped their hands; and Mr. Jones said: "You're a cunning baby!" "Well," replied Flaxie, quickly, "what makes you have turn-about feet?" This wasn't a proper thing to say, and it made Mr.

But seven or eight boys would go hunting with one shot-gun, and take turn-about shooting; some of the little fellows never got to shoot at all, but they could run and see whether the big boys had hit anything when they fired, and that was something.

Then some of them got out their straws, and began to suck the sap up from the hole through them, and to quarrel and push, till they agreed to take turn-about, and others got the auger and bunted for another blackened tree. They never could get their spiles to work, and the water gathered so slowly in the holes they bored, and some of the fellows took such long turns, that it was very little fun.

"A great deal," was the reply. "If the Earth Chronicle would but open a campaign on our behalf " "And for what object?" "Simply for the annulment of the Act of Congress annexing to the United States the British islands." Though, by a just turn-about of things here below, Great Britain has become a colony of the United States, the English are not yet reconciled to the situation.

It cannot be possible that he is going down too." Oh yes! Turn-about is fair play. Jack Snyder holds it against me to this day, because, after he had stooped down to let me leap over him, I would not stoop down to let him leap over me.

Nice little craft she was, and 'e was a very nice feller. Many and many's the pint we've 'ad together, turn and turn-about, and the on'y time we ever 'ad a cross word was when somebody hid his clay pipe in my beer and 'e was foolish enough to think I'd done it. "He 'ad a nice little cottage, 'e told me about, near Hull, and 'is wife's father, a man of pretty near seventy, lived with 'em.

There's no damage done that can't be set right with a screw-driver afore I go." Then, with another turn-about that embraced the company, "Proposed an' seconded that Mrs Steele do take the chair. Those in favour say 'Hi! the contrary 'No. . . . The Hi's 'ave it." Mrs Steele resumed her little speech. A pink spot showed upon either cheek, but she spoke bravely.