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We returned in consequence from Barbula to Guacara, to take leave of the family of the Marquis del Toro, and pass three days more on the borders of the lake. It was the carnival season, and all was gaiety. The sports in which the people indulge, and which are called carnes tollendas,* assume occasionally somewhat of a savage character. From Guacara we returned to Nueva Valencia.

I knew her well enough to know that in a quarter of an hour something else of the vastest importance would engage her attention and I should be free to attend more coolly to my own work. Yet sometimes she stuck to my track so closely that there was nothing for me to do but to turn El Toro loose. Then I could say, "Very well, madam, but in the meantime I must go after the bull."

"Yes, there is little going on there that does not come to my ears. One of the porters is a spy in my employ." "Why did you not get a key from him?" "I have one; it opens the back door." Toro had, during the last bit of conversation, been growling to himself a choice vocabulary of Italian oaths, occasionally shaking his fist at the building which contained the objects of his hatred.

But perhaps the most demonstrative of all was the last recruit who had joined the brigands the Englishman, known amongst his new comrades as Geoffrey, the discharged servant of Harkaway. "When shall the attempt be made?" said Pedro; "that is the next question." "At once," said Toro. He looked around for some supporters; but he looked in vain. Toro was no longer in good odour.

The departing Jack delivered me another lecture on the uses of a mild and amiable but fighting bull on a ranche where a man was likely to be worried to death by a lady who had no notion of how much a man ought to do in a day. When he had finished he invited me to make friends with El Toro by also sitting on his back and scratching him with the blunt nail.

Thence he proceeded to Cairo, where he hoped to have rejoined his companion; but he here learnt by letter from the king his master, that de Payva was dead, and he was farther enjoined by the king to travel into the country of Abyssinia He returned therefore, from Cairo to Toro, and thence to Aden; and hearing of the fame of Ormuz, he proceeded along the coast of Arabia by Cape Razalgate to Ormuz.

We even soldiered together in Siberia; but, strange to say, I hadn't heard of his death." "Judging by all the nice things I heard about him in El Toro, his death was a genuine loss to his section of the country. Everybody appears to have known him and loved him." "One has to die before his virtues are apparent to some people," Farrel murmured philosophically.

There were one or two murmuring voices. "Look," cried the giant Toro, "men all, if any here still denies my power, let them step forward, and this sword shall prove my right." This was final. After the manner in which Toro had just dealt with their friend Tomaso, they were not encouraged to provoke a quarrel.

Immediately after assuming the office of governor, Gonzalo sent Alfonso de Toro as his lieutenant to Cuzco, Pedro de Fuentes to Arequipa, Francisco de Almendras to La Plata, and others in the same quality to the other cities of Peru . In the History of America, II. 373, this event is dated on the 28th October.

Later, when the see was reëstablished in Zamora, the latter's twin sister, Toro, was definitely included in the new episcopal diocese. Built either toward the end of the twelfth or the beginning of the thirteenth century, Santa Maria la Mayor, popularly called la catedral, closely resembles the cathedral church at Zamora.

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