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Allister McBeth he really was, but, with their usual avoidance of baptismal names, the neighbours had given him a more descriptive title. He had earned it himself, for he was named after the strange guttural sound which he was in the habit of making deep in his throat, whenever his anger was roused.

They gradually emerged in an antecedent age, reached their culmination in the one which they characterize, and then gradually died out in a succeeding. There is no such thing as a sudden creation, a sudden strange appearance but there is a slow metamorphosis, a slow development from a preexisting form. Here again we encounter the necessity of admitting for such results long periods of time.

After passing some miles of strange moorland, covered with the blaze of gorse, and the multitudinous flash of marshy pools, the two arrived at a curious square building, which stood a little outside the fishing village. Musgrave said, "Now, Thomas, come in, and I'll find you a pew," and the two entered a low room. The congregation was already collected.

He strove to drown remembrance, but some force it seemed not his own! drove him irresistibly to untie that ribbon, to scrutinize many old theater programs and to gaze upon a miniature in ivory depicting a woman in the loveliness of her charms, but whose striking likeness to the young actress he had just seen filled his heart with strange fear.

And when I find I can not, what am I to do but pray for help? I pray, and He helps me." "There is nothing strange in that!" "Surely not It seems to me the simplest common sense. It is my business, the business of every man, that God's will be done by his obedience to that will, the moment he knows it." "I fancy you are not so different from other people as you think yourself.

"Show me its boundary; there is the map." Helen took it down and drew with a pencil the limits of the Cairnforth estates. They extended along the whole peninsula, and far up into the main land. "There, Lord Cairnforth, every bit of this is yours." "To do exactly what I like with?" "Certainly." "Helen, it is an awfully serious thing." Helen was silent. "How strange!" He continued, after a pause.

It was a strange ceremony, not unmixed with irreverence, and happily has long been discontinued, being forbidden by Royal proclamation in 1542, and finally abolished by Elizabeth. In the archives of the ancient town of Bristol there is a book of directions for the Mayor and his brethren, and on St. Nicholas' Day they are ordered to go to the Church of St.

Almost opposite the porte cochere was another arch through which she could see a glimpse of the cool, shady garden Jack remembered. Yes, it was a strangely picturesque and charming old house, this Hotel Saint Ange; but even so Nancy felt a little lost, a little strange, standing there under the porte cochere.

He followed her, however; but before he left the kitchen he saw the old man standing, looking at Ruth's companion with a strange, grave air of dissatisfaction. They went along one or two zigzag, damp-smelling stone passages, and then entered the house-place, or common sitting-room for a farmer's family in that part of the country.

Her slow, graceful movements, the shimmer of her skirt, her silk stockings, the flashing of the diamond buckles upon her shoes, the faint perfume from her clothes, the soft touch of her ermine as she swept by all these things were indeed strange to him. His eyes followed her with rapt interest as she approached the counter. "You wish me to sign for my prescription?" she asked the chemist.