My second name's Tracy. And I have a pal in England who was christened Cuthbert de la Hay Horace. Fortunately everyone calls him Stinker." The head-waiter began to drift up like a bank of fog, and the Sausage Chappie returned to his professional duties. When he came back, he was beaming again. "Something else I remembered," he said, removing the cover. "I'm married!" "Good Lord!"

"No harm tryin', I suppose. It keeps King out of mischief." "I swear I thought he was goin' to kill me when I sniffed just now. He didn't mind Burton major sniffin' at me the other day, though. He never stopped Alexander howlin' 'Stinker! into our form-room before before we doctored 'em. He just grinned," said Stalky. "What was he frothing over you for, Beetle?" "Aha! That, was my subtle jape.

Well, Stinker grabbed my knife, and said, 'Hallo, young man, what's all this? Handing down your name to posterity eh? with a silly grin on his face. "I said I was just carving my name. "'I see you have just finished it, he said.

"Well, I did a first-class G to begin with, and was well on with the Rubislaw all in capitals: I thought it would look best that way when suddenly a great hand reached over my shoulder and grabbed my knife. It was Stinker, of course." "St " "Oh, I forgot to tell you that. We call him 'Stinker' now.

"How old did you say the Ransom boy was?" she asked with concern. "Fifteen and a stinker if there ever was one." "Then I think maybe I'll have a show. I thought he was older than that," she said diplomatically. "Now may I ask that what we have said be kept quiet? I would rather like to have a fair show with him and I'll admit I'd like to be on good terms.

"I don't see any harm in wondering what Anatole was going to give us for dinner. Do you?" "Of course not. A mere ordinary tribute of respect to a great artist." "Exactly." "All the same " "Well?" "I was only going to say that it seems a pity that the frail craft of love should come a stinker like this when a few manly words of contrition " He stared at me.

With the exception of one peculiar-looking bird, which has received from whalemen the inelegant name of "stinker," none of them attempted to alight upon the body of the dead monster.

He came in at nine o'clock to-night, and the damn Pop judge put his bail at $15,999 to cover his alleged shortage, and the stinker won't accept us old boys on the bond Phil and Watts and Os and the Company 'C' boys I could get before the judge went to bed, and Gabe Carnine, the gut, would not sign would not sign old Mart's bond, sir, and I hope to be in hell with a fishpole some day poking him down every time his slimy fingers get on the rim of the kettle.

You see, his name is S. Mellar, and if you say it quickly it sounds like 'Smeller. So we call him 'Stinker. It was a kid called Lane thought of it. Pretty smart eh? Oh, he's a clever chap, I can tell you," yelled Gerald, with sincere enthusiasm. "He must be a youth of gigantic intellect," I said. "Oh, come off the roof!

"Well, I had the notion first, hadn't I ? only " "You couldn't do it without your Uncle Stalky, could you?" "They've been calling us stinkers for a week now," said McTurk. "Oh, won't they catch it!" "Stinker! Yah! Stink-ah!" rang down the corridor. "And she's there," said Stalky, a hand on either boy's shoulder. "She is there, gettin' ready to surprise 'em.