By a good luck, on which every one congratulated himself, the weather in the morning ceased its gloomy look, and a merchant of the Rue Saint Denis inscribed on his balcony these two celebrated lines, "Nocte pluit tota, redeunt spectacula mane, Divisum imperium cum Jove Caesar habet." At 1 P.M. a salvo of one hundred and one guns announced the arrival of the monarch at the barrier of La Villette.

The list embraces one book of Spectacula, celebrating the shows in which emperor and people took such delight; twelve of Epigrams, edited separately, and partially revised for each edition; two of Xenia and Apophoreta, written before the tenth book of Epigrams, and devoted to the flattery of Domitian.

No change for the worse took place till the Tuesday evening, when the army had fallen back on the river bank; the troops were actually recrossing when the rain began: then it did come down in earnest. Nocte pluit tota, redeunt spectacula mare a spectacle frequently repeated in this war that of a Federal General "changing his base" in hot haste, without flourish of trumpet.

Having written a distich, in which he compared Augustus to Jupiter, he placed it in the night-time over the gate of the emperor's palace. It was in these words: Nocte pluit tota, redeunt spectacula mane: Divisum imperium cum Jove Caesar habet. All night it rained, with morn the sports appear, Caesar and Jove between them rule the year.

Notwithstanding the prayers which the Parisians had addressed to the sun for the preceding twenty-four hours, " Nocte pluit tota, redeunt spectacula mane," it rained all night, and was still raining yesterday morning, when the day was ushered in by discharges of artillery from the saluting battery at the Hotel des Invalides.

And as Virgil in his fourth Georgic of the bees, perpetually raises the lowness of his subject by the loftiness of his words, and ennobles it by comparisons drawn from empires and from monarchs "Admiranda tibi levium spectacula rerum, Magnanimosque duces, totiusque ordine gentis Mores et studia, et populos, et praelia dicam;" and again

Besides, there are certain terrestrial sovereigns who seem to have accorded them privileged existences, and there are certain times when it might almost be supposed that the expressed wish of an earthly monarch has its influence over the Divine will. It was Virgil who observed of Augustus: Nocte pluit tota redeunt spectacula mane.

"'Nocte pluit tota, redeunt spectacula mane, Divisum imperium cum Jove Caesar habet." Monday, April 2, 1810, as soon as day began to break, Paris and all the country round about set forth towards the Saint Cloud road. From eight in the morning the windows were filled with women. Everywhere scaffolding had been put up; fences, roofs, and trees were crowded with numberless spectators.

To this purpose it was that men first appointed the places of sepulture adjoining the churches, and in the most frequented places of the city, to accustom, says Lycurgus, the common people, women, and children, that they should not be startled at the sight of a corpse, and to the end, that the continual spectacle of bones, graves, and funeral obsequies should put us in mind of our frail condition: "Quin etiam exhilarare viris convivia caede Mos olim, et miscere epulis spectacula dira Certantum ferro, saepe et super ipsa cadentum Pocula, respersis non parco sanguine mensis."

It is the remark of Capitoline, that "gladiatoria spectacula omnifariam temperavit; temperavit etiam scenicas donationes;" he controlled in every possible way the gladiatorial spectacles; he controlled also the rates of allowance to the stage performers.