'But what's his name? 'I don't like to tell you his name, for, though 'tis night, that covers all shame-facedness, my face is as hot as a 'Talian iron, I declare! Do you just feel it. Margery put her hand on Mrs. Peach's face, and, sure enough, hot it was. 'Does he come courting? she asked quickly. 'Well only in the way of business. He never comes unless lime is wanted in the neighbourhood.

Thereupon the bargain was closed; and John Douglas found himself established at least with headquarters, from whence he could issue to fight his battle with the great forces of London. Well, day after day nay, week after week passed, and all his efforts to obtain employment, had resulted in nothing. It was not through any shame-facedness or fastidiousness or false pride.

This princess was a gipsy-looking dame, coarsely dressed, about thirty years old, with a gay leer, a jaunty demeanour, and the reputation of being "fast;" she showed little shame-facedness when I saluted her, and received with noisy joy the appropriate present of a new and handsome Tobe.

There was an air of mystery about the quaint old landlady; she looked brimful of news when she opened the door to me, but she managed to 'keep herself to herself, and showed me in upon the Major and Derrick, rather triumphantly I thought. The Major looked terribly ill worse than I had ever seen him, and as for Derrick, he had the strangest look of shrinking and shame-facedness you ever saw.

After pursuing this, she paused for a moment, and felt so much embarrassed by the fact of their love being known to a third person, that she could not look upon the messenger, while addressing him, without shame-facedness and confusion.

"Oh, what shall I ever do?" she thought to herself, confusedly. "I can't let mamma come in and catch me like this. She'll ask why on earth I didn't undress last night. And then what could I ever say? How could I ever explain to her?" The awful sense of shame-facedness grew upon her still more deeply than ever.

Madame, I continued impulsively, 'that knot of velvet? Tell me what it means, I implore you! She seemed alarmed by my violence, retreating a step or two, and looking at me haughtily, yet with a kind of shame-facedness. 'Believe me, it means nothing, she said hurriedly. 'I beg you to understand that, sir. It was a foolish jest. 'A jest? I said. 'It fell from this window.

Prue cannot have been a dull wife, for this last compliment is a reply, full of polite alacrity, to a letter from her asking for a little flattery. How assiduously, and with what a civilized absence of uncouthness, of shame-facedness, and of slang of the mind, with what simplicity, alertness, and finish, does he step out at her invitation, and perform!

But the way in which he met the problem made Caleb lift his eyes and meet Sarah's inscrutable glance with something akin to triumph. For there was no awkwardness in the boy's procedure, no flushing embarrassment, no shame-facedness nor painfully self-conscious attempt to cover his ignorance.

Paul says in First Timothy, chapter second, nor with shame-facedness and sobriety; but with braided hair and gold and pearls and costly array. 'What has that to do with it? 'Oh, Nicholas! 'She might be married without all those things. 'You said you wanted her to be like other girls. 'No, I didn't. I said she would have to get married like other girls. You don't want to make a nun of her.