"Oh, yes, I suppose so. But be quick about it, if you are going to help him hunt for his cow." Bunny relaid the track, in a circle this time, so the engine and cars would not roll off to where they were not intended to go. Meanwhile Sue flashed the eyes of her Teddy Bear so Eagle Feather could see them.

It was a hundred years since the stones had been last relaid and levelled: none of the horses of the late Marquis minded it but one her whom the young man in Highland dress was now grooming and she would have fidgeted had it been an oak floor. The yard was a long and wide space, with two storied buildings on all sides of it.

So we'll try trail-left a piece or would if this old drain-pipe had a trail. He relaid his mortar carefully, and fired again.

Unless this is done, the spirit will be poor in its future life and unable to build balaua. The body is deposited full length in the grave, the stone slabs are relaid, the chinks between them filled in with damp clay, and the grave is refilled. As the last earth is pushed in, a small pig is killed, and its blood is sprinkled on the loose soil.

A steam roller was smoothin' out a strip of pavement that had just been relaid, and nearer by a gang was tearin' up more of the asphalt. I got kind of interested in the way they was doin' it, too. You know, they used to do this street wreckin' with picks and crowbars, but this crowd seemed to have more modern methods.

"Well, how did you make it?" he called. Winthrop came forward wearily "No luck at all." "Couldn't find it, eh?" "I counted every tie between the tank and that little ditch under the track. The entire stretch has been relaid with new ties." Overland whistled. Then he grinned. "You had a good healthy walk, anyhow," he observed. "It doesn't seem to worry you much," said Winthrop. "Nope.

"My, but they do come fast!" he gasped. Yes, a trifle faster than in your day, grandfather, when a gun of the horse-artillery had to be relaid after the recoil, which is now taken up by an oil chamber, while the gunner on his seat behind the breech keeps the sight steady on the target.

At last, on the twentyfifth, the Seventh New York got through, having come south by boat with the Eighth Massachusetts, landed at Annapolis, and commandeered a train to run over relaid rails. With them came the news that all the loyal North was up, that the Seventh had marched through miles of cheering patriots in New York, and that these two fine regiments were only the vanguard of a host.

If the earth and the sky are enough for one, why should one sigh for other spheres? The old farm must have had at least ten miles of stone walls upon it, many of them built new by Father from stones picked up in the fields, and many of them relaid by him, or rather by his boys and hired men. Father was not skilful at any sort of craft work.

One of the floors was broken and had to be relaid, the rickety stairs had to be patched up and provided with a firm balustrade, a couple of thin partitions put in. The town foreman was getting after the workmen, who were simulating great industry, and the school-children were wandering from room to room. All this activity delighted old Hürlin.