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An intent look had come into Mary's eyes; her gaze was fixed upon the dark rain-splashed window. It was a face carved from ivory, white-lipped and rigid, on which the old priest looked. "What is it, my daughter? What do you see?" "I see nothing, father." "What is it then that disturbs you?" "I hear, father." "What do you hear?" "There are horsemen on the road." The old knight laughed.

Past-mistress of deceit though she may have been, I was convinced that her consternation at my statement was honest. She did not speak or look at me again for some time. As for me, I sat silent with the horror of a thought. Underneath the rug my limbs were cold and lifeless. I sat looking out of the rain-splashed window into the darkness, with fixed staring eyes, and a hideous fancy in my brain.

Unconsciously he wandered off to the right, or north, and presently came to an elevation from which he could overlook the rain-splashed waters of the China Sea. By the time he reached this position Ned was also in the forest, hoping to meet Jimmie as well as to learn the meaning of the signals from the unknown launch and the firing on the island.

From this she drew a reward that should make the journey through night and rain from Gerald's house to hers seem no hardship. Her blues had vanished. Before removing the rain-splashed newspaper, she gazed for a moment at the package, trying to guess what it could be. It was square, flat, about a foot and a half one way by a foot the other.

The scene has embodied it; the cheerless little room and the falling light and Densher's uneasy movements and Susan's flushed, rain-splashed earnestness have all contributed; the broken phrases, without touching it, have travelled about it and revealed its contour.

The light from a rain-splashed gas lamp shone now full upon the face of his suppliant: a boy's face, which would have been pleasant and even handsome but for the discontented mouth, the lowering forehead, and a shadow in the eyes, as though, boy though he certainly was in years, he had already, at some time or another, looked upon the serious things of life.

"Then you'd better make them as fit as be-damned when you rejoin," said the Major brutally. Bobby pressed his forehead against the rain-splashed window-pane as the train lumbered across the sodden Doab, and prayed for the health of the Tyneside Tail Twisters.

Her hands fidgeted with the books and papers on her table, and her mind was full of fevered remembrance. Presently George, having settled the little point he came to speak of, fell silent. But he still stood by the window, looking out through the rain-splashed glass to the wintry valley below with its chimneys and straggling village.

The older man, with his feet upon the opposite seat and his arms folded, was looking pensively through the rain-splashed window-pane into the impenetrable darkness. The young man, although he could not ignore his companion's unsociable instincts, was fidgety. "There will be some floods out to-morrow," he remarked. Mr. Dunster turned his head and looked across the saloon.

So, you see, the only thing wanted is an explanation." "Explanation!" He put the word from him with a gesture of his big, smooth hands. Mary nodded, scanning him coolly. "Yes," she said; "I can understand that an explanation might be difficult." Professor Fish laughed shortly, a mere bark of sour mirth, and turned to look through the rain-splashed window of the cab.