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"Yes. We caught the crowd who printed that. Couldn't discover, though, how it got into the regiment's mail bags without being postmarked. Let's see wasn't Ranjoor Singh officer-of-the-day?" "Yes." "Um-m-m! Would it surprise you to know that Ranjoor Singh visits Yasmini?" "Wouldn't interest me." "What follows is in strict confidence, please." "I'm listening." "I want you to hear reason.

That one had been postmarked at the capital, and as he had sat at his counter at the post-office waiting for closing time he bad turned it over and over with many ejaculations and futile guesses. Past master of dissimulation that he was, he had made up his mind if he should find Cynthia at home to lay the letters indifferently on the table and walk into his bedroom.

A few days ago I received a second letter from my father, postmarked Paris this time, and not Stockholm. Judging by the style of the document, it would not surprise me if the "eminent services" rendered in a Northern court by the mysterious author of my days turned out to be those of a Prussian corporal.

Looking about to assure herself that so unladylike an act was not observed, she thrust her jeweled hand into the exposed breast pocket and drew out a mouldy pocket-book. Its contents were as follows: One bundle of letters, postmarked "Elizabethtown, New Jersey." One circle of blonde hair tied with a ribbon. One photograph of a beautiful girl. One ditto of same, singularly disfigured.

And how they would laugh at a man who could not master himself, a man who cried! "Why, I'm a snob! I was hurt when he thought I'd disgrace him by my bad manners. And now I'm being just as cruel!" Then she jerked herself away from Lashnagar and stood with the last letter in her hand, afraid to open it. It was postmarked Melbourne and had come in that morning.

It was written on pink notepaper, enclosed in a pink envelope, and was postmarked "Croydon, December 9, 2.30 P.M.," and bore those outward marks which betokened its delivery, not in course of post, but by express messenger. One instant after Cleek had looked at it he knew he need seek no further for the information he desired. It read: Piggy! Stupid boy!

Two mornings later Bullard received the following brief note, which was undated and unsigned, in an envelope postmarked Glasgow: "No one on premises at night. Probably tomorrow night." Bullard informed the chief clerk and telephoned to Lancaster that he was leaving for Paris by the night train.

Besides the letter is typed. I would never have sent you a typed letter. Have you the envelope? What postmark was stamped upon it?" "It was postmarked 'New York. No, I did not keep the envelope." "New York? Why, I came straight from Montana!" cried Jane. "I haven't been in New York since last Christmas." "I could not possibly know that.

The iceberg just mentioned assumed by no melting process, one may be sure the form of a long letter, first postmarked at Rouen, and its latter substance was as follows: "Henry and I have always believed you as selfish, James Fisbee, as you are self-ingrossed and incapable.

He slept until midnight and ate again. He slept through the night and the morning and ate again, still with the mental monotony of a cave-dweller. Then he found a railroad and rode. Not until he reached the town postmarked upon Brian's letter did he trouble himself with anything but the primitive needs of primitive man.