But, as I say, I am the only one of the Noah's Ark animals left, and really I am very glad to have you to talk to." The two new friends spent some time together telling each other their different adventures, and then, suddenly, the door of the playroom opened and Mirabell came in. "Hush! Not another word!" said the Wooden Lion in a whisper.

Had she not vowed to be cheerful? The young folks were looking at her with troubled glances. She roused herself, and said briskly "I see you make this a playroom as well as a study. Somebody has been wood-carving over there, and you have one of those dwarf billiard-tables.

In one of the upper rooms which had evidently been used as a nursery or playroom for the children of the renowned chef, the wallpaper for about two feet above the skirting was blackened with grease and ornamented with childish drawings made with burnt sticks and blacklead pencils, the door being covered with similar artistic efforts, to say nothing of some rude attempts at carving, evidently executed with an axe or a hammer.

The service was enlivened by her continual supervision and correction of the maid. It was impossible not to fancy the baby was a doll, and the church some European playroom. All these women were legitimately married.

There, in the big, dimly lighted, cement-floored playroom, where the children held forth on rainy days, he met a boy from another room, who was likewise in no hurry to return. They hailed each other in subdued tones. "Been down long?" "Oh, our teacher doesn't get mad unless you're gone half an hour. Want to play marbles?" John assented joyously.

And the air in the corridor chilled him too. It was queer and wettish. But soon the gas would be lit and in burning it made a light noise like a little song. Always the same: and when the fellows stopped talking in the playroom you could hear it. It was the hour for sums. Father Arnall wrote a hard sum on the board and then said: Now then, who will win? Go ahead, York! Go ahead, Lancaster!

"I think he won't to me," Lulu answered, the stubborn, defiant look returning to her face. "Do the fingers feel better?" Elsie asked gently. "Yes, ma'am; and I am very much obliged. Grandma Elsie, do you know where Gracie is?" "I think you will find her in the playroom." Lulu immediately resorted thither, and found Grace playing happily with her dolls.

Hearing that this fresh prisoner lay under sentence of durance vile, we suggested that all the toys chiefly remnants of shattered armies that, on hearing of the Boy's illness, we had brought from the home playroom he had outgrown might be left for him instead of being sent away to be burnt.

But come on up in the playroom, Nelson, and I'll show you my things." It was only two days after Christmas, and the presents Santa Claus had brought Sunny Boy and the gifts his mother and daddy and grandparents had given him, were all spread out on the window seat in his playroom. The two presents that Sunny Boy liked most were a little pocket searchlight and his ice-skates.

And Cossar, disregarding certain Ancient Lights that presently led to trouble, did, after a conflict with the local building regulations, get building on a vacant piece of ground adjacent to Redwood's home, a comfortable well-lit playroom, schoolroom, and nursery for their four boys sixty feet square about this room was, and forty feet high.