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Palma urged in that letter that the Senate act favorably on the treaty, because if it did not his re-election as President of the Cuban Republic would thereby be endangered.

Harrington had asked Eve to accept a dress allowance of forty pounds a year, and Eve accepted for her uncle. Besides this she had a little ready money the result of the sale of the contents of the Casa d'Erraha. A person who looked like a butler or a major- domo had gone over from Barcelona to Palma to attend this sale; and the local buyers laughed immoderately at him in their sleeves.

When night had passed into day, the steep coasts of Majorca, dentelees au soleil du matin par les aloes et les palmiers, came in sight, and soon after El Mallorquin landed its passengers at Palma. Madame Sand had left Paris a fortnight before in extremely cold weather, and here she found in the first half of November summer heat. Indeed, in Majorca everything is picturesque,

At last the slumberer moaned, turned, and after a few restless movements, threw herself back on the bolster, and fell asleep once more, with disjointed words dying on her lips. It was five o'clock, and Mr. Palma beckoned Regina to him. "She will be better when she wakes. Go to her room, and go to sleep. I will watch her until her mother comes in."

It was found, not only before but after the short, sharp collision with the Mexican forces at Resaca de la Palma that a number of valuable lives had been lost in the bushy wilderness. The American army moved slowly forward, and before nightfall the long lines of its blue uniforms went over the prairie rolls in full sight of the fort.

With this assurance the convention adopted the Platt amendment June 12, 1901, and added it as an appendix to the constitution. On May 20, 1902, Tomas Estrada Palma was inaugurated as first president of the Republic of Cuba, and General Wood handed over to him the government of the island. The Americans left a substantial balance in the Cuban treasury.

Besides, it is open to any adventurer to call himself Longueville. But is not the house of Palma, Werbrust & Co. half ruined by some speculation in Mexico or the Indies? I will clear all this up." "You speak a soliloquy as if you were on the stage, and seem to account me a cipher," said the old admiral suddenly.

Silas Midas looked proud possession, as if he had in his vest pocket a bill of sale to every pound of my white flesh, and Mr. Erle Palma smiled as benignly as some cast-iron statue of Pluto, freshly painted white, and glistening in the sunshine. A propos! I asked him to-night if he would loosen his martinet rein upon you, and permit you to make your début in society as my bridesmaid?

During this voyage from the coast of Africa to Gran Canaria, the three vessels were separated in stormy weather, one going to Palma, and another to Fortaventura, but finally they all reached Gran Canaria. This island is sixty miles long and thirty-six miles broad; at the northern end it is flat, but very hilly towards the south.

Often the gracious "yes" of the sumptuous upper floor became a dry "no" in Adolphe's region. This obstructive manoeuvre gave time for reflection, and often served to fool unskilful applicants. As Cesar entered, the banker's brother was conversing with the famous Palma, intimate adviser of the house of Keller, who retired on the appearance of the perfumer.

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